Birchbox Hits

I’ve just received my 6th Birchbox inspired by Glamour magazine and it had me on a high this morning. I now look forward to it every month because there is at least one product that I really like in it. Last month, it was the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner that I have been wearing practically every day. You don’t have to go over it twice, it lasts all day and is easy to remove! I never used to wear eyeliner this much but recently I’ve been trying to add a little umph to my face. A little eyelid primer, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Some days I’d use the Maybelline BB Cream over my sunblock and moisturizer if I want to look a little more finished but it’s definitely not a staple like the others.

Back to Birchbox! This eyeliner is what made me really look forward to this month’s box as none of the other boxes were pulling me in and I was actually contemplating canceling it. Then Glamour teamed up with Birchbox for one of my best boxes ever. I’ve been wanting to try Stila products but I never remember to get one product to test when I go shopping for make-up and if I don’t see the sign for it, I’m definitely going to pass it. I received a lip glaze in Camera and immediately tried it on. I loved it – not sticky and you don’t have to use a lot. I want to try this set next.

The small bottle next to the Stila lipglaze is a Harvey Prince perfume sample appropriately called Hello that had me feeling like I was floating. It smells amazing! And it boosted my mood so much I just felt like I was on an emotional high. I can’t find the little paper packaging it came in but it did say something about them adding an ingredient to boost your mood. Well it sure worked; I HAVE to get this perfume! It’s definitely a summery scent – not heavy, a hint of flowers with a fruity edge but it would last all day.

It could have just been that I was very excited about this box but the earbuds made me want to go in the gym! I love the colors and Glamour even created a playlist on Spotify for you to listen to. I still have to listen to it (got a little busy after unwrapping) but I’m hoping I’ll have a few to songs that I can add to my gym playlist.

I’ve also been finding different uses for the box after I empty it to add a little organization to what could have been little messes all over. As you can see below, I used my label maker to mark what goes into each box. It’s been a life saver and I haven’t had to go out and buy little containers! If you want to try Birchbox click here. They’re only $10 a month including shipping and they just introduced boxes for men! For my 6 “montheversary” gift I got 20% off a full-size product $25+ which I used to purchase Benefit’s POREfessional  (I don’t have big pores but I want to try this product). So go ahead and give it a try, you never know what’s coming and maybe you’ll stumble upon a product that may change your life! 🙂


Wondering what I need my 6th box for…



I’ve been out of it for the last couple of days. Definitely not in a good/settled frame of mind to be writing a blog post. I was hardly home and then when I was I just felt (feel) overwhelmed when I look around. We’re moving in 20 days exactly (very excited) and I have furniture I want sold and I’m also trying to get rid of unnecessary papers that are everywhere. As well as going around the apartment and cleaning out little nooks and crannies that can be done now and again, throw out stuff we have never used or what we used to use that we don’t anymore. Moving is hard. And since my husband’s last move happened while I was home and he had to do it alone, he’s not in a hurry to help. I’m not bothered by that because I might frustrate myself more trying to make him understand what I want with my millions of demands. Hence why I’ve started tidying up and cleaning so early.

It’s hard for me to not stress. I do it naturally about everything. I’m thinking of doing yoga again, it really helped a few weeks before our wedding. I have so many things in my head that I want to do, have to do, am in the middle of doing and don’t want to do. Yes, now you can see why I’m so stressed. I have notes everywhere – on my cell, on post-its, on the fridge, index cards, notebooks… I’ve had to write out daily schedules to make sure I don’t miss a thing, yet I still miss something because I forget to look at it.

I’m just writing today to get my frustrations out I guess. I intend to get help closer to the end but for now, it’s stuff I have to deal with. I know where everything is and where I want it to be. And that’s how it has to be. For me at least. But as I’m trying to repeat to myself all the time: don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff. I don’t know who I’m kidding, I can’t even finish the book! But that phrase pops into my head every now and then and I try to take a few breaths and just go with the flow.

I’ve been sharing those quotes of the day because I figured they give me a little peace of mind and something to think about daily and if I can share them with you I will. So here’s todays:

Taken from Real Simple









Here are a few pictures from Wednesday (July 4th). My phone crashed at the start of the fireworks (forgot my camera) and when we got back by my friend I managed to get it on and realised I could’ve gotten a few more pics *sigh*.

Only fireworks picture I have 😦
Gas Works Park
My love 🙂
The beautiful Mt. Rainier in the back!

I’ve also been trying to get back into exercising and as I’m typing this, my legs are still rather sore from a twenty minute workout on July 4th and walking over a mile to and from the park, plus walking over an hour along Alki Beach with a friend Monday. I don’t  have the Summer body that I dreamt of but honestly f*ck it.. I’ll take myself with a few extra, oddly placed curves than to be stressing myself over my diet and exercising schedule considering all the other stuff I have on my plate. Thick chics are in! (at least in my head and that’s all that matters :D). Yoga isn’t as hard on my body as weight training is so that should be a plus for me doing it. Look good, feel good and be in a calm state of mind… Namaste.

I hope that whatever you do this Summer, you live to have no regrets. Just wonderful memories, experiences and time with loved ones.