Cabin Fever

This week the Northwest experienced a winter storm. For the 3 years that I’ve been here, I’ve experience the maximum of 1 week of snow for two years during the winter season. With that said, snow is something that hardly happens in this area and people are generally clueless as to how to deal with it. I personally don’t like the cold and even more so snow. I’m from the Tropics – I wasn’t made for this. Even though the snow can be very pretty, it’s not my thing.

I was to order groceries via Amazon Fresh but for some reason I kept putting it off and then when I finally did, they weren’t delivering Wednesday or Thursday because of the storm (snow) and my order was due for delivery Friday (I ordered Monday night) and then it got pushed from the pre-dawn slot to early morning then to Saturday morning so I cancelled it. We had ventured out Monday and my husband did ask if I wanted to go to the supermarket but I said no as I was ordering but that was the worst decision ever. I mean we had food but just not enough especially since we were home all the time. The first day of the heavy snow (Wednesday), my husband and I went to outside to embrace this white icy powder halting all activity and to get lunch. That in itself was lots of fun. We walked to a little strip mall and got Panera Bread and I got a new jacket as the zip for the hood on mine was broken and that jacket wasn’t thick enough to keep me warm in the cold. Here are some pics from Day 1 (Wednesday) and the last pic is some broccoli cheddar soup from Panera Bread.

Thursday I was definitely ready to get out of the house AND we were definitely in need of groceries. Seeing that my husband was working from home, I had to wait until his work day was done and then we went to the supermarket. We hadn’t driven the car since Monday and the roads had this thick layer of snow that had an icy top layer. We drove to the supermarket around the corner at 10mph just to be careful. Thankfully it took less than 20mins :). We did a huge shop and it was quite interesting thinking about getting everything inside when we had at least 3 to 4 inches of snow on our steps, and the hand rails had an inch that was hard and icy but broke off if you pressed tooo hard. I took it easy and somehow made it upstairs. Day 2 (Thursday – sorry for the pics, they were taken in the car and I wasn’t opening the window to get a better shot):

Yes, I still had that up but it’s down now, the last of my Christmas decorations 😛

With a fully stocked fridge, I made soup today. MMmMmMmMmM soup! It had: lamb, beef, potato, sweet potato, carrots, squash, pumpkin, split peas, barley, onion, thyme, garlic and seasonings. I also did dumplings (not like steamed dumplings you get at a chinese restaurant), ‘Bajan’ dumplings that we add to soup, basically spiced flour balls (I hope I don’t get attacked for that description but it’s the simplest way to describe it). I make it with flour, baking powder, nutmeg, all spice and sugar. Then add water to make it a little pasty and drop it in balls in the pot of soup and let them cook. My tummy was very happy! Then we went to the mall later. The snow has started melting and I can hear chunks of it dropping on my roof and outside. I was to start back the gym this week and I had an appointment for the hairdresser, luckily I’ll get to the hairdresser tomorrow or Sunday but gym will definitely be next week. I have gotten a little chunky over the season lol. So long 2 pack! Right back to the mall… I bought purple jeans!! I’m so happy with them! I will definitely be rocking them this Spring :). I may just go back and get another pair in the light blue seeing I have teal already. Here are pics from today and I hope you enjoyed my ramble of a post :D.


Christmas Goodness

I wanted to use the rest of the cheese I had so it wouldn’t go to waste while I was gone (and plus I’ll be bringing back more anyway) so I decided to make some cheese straws. It didn’t exactly go as planned because I used gluten free flour and it created a different texture to what I’m used to. It wasn’t crumbling so I decided to just roll it out and used my cookie cutters. Enjoy!




NOTHING can ever prepare you for a session with a personal trainer. NOTHING. My arms feel dead and useless. When I got home and took a shower they’d tremble as I washed my upper body. I’m getting my trainer to do a meal plan for me to help me to be more disciplined, so I have to do a food journal for a week so she sees how I eat as well as a list of what I don’t eat. I’m going to do a list of what I actually eat as it’s easier than what I don’t eat – I’m a very picky eater. The good thing about the gym though is I drink way more water throughout the day when I’m going regularly than usual. *yay*

I think I’ll head there tomorrow just to hop on the elliptical for half an hour and then we have another session Saturday morning, the one that proceeds go to a charity. I was excited that I’ll be getting back in shape but I am in no way excited about the workouts that I will be doing. My husband will be training with me (*happy dance*) and this morning we really got it going. The friendly competition definitely adds a little fun to it.

Since I don’t use my mp3 player when I’m with a trainer I’m going to use it when I’m working out on my own. It’s good to have music that gets you going. When we were warming up on the treadmills this morning, we heard Take Over Control and it was very hard not to try to dance while walking/running when the beat was just coursing through us lol. I wasn’t about to fall though so I kept some slight head movements going so I didn’t lose balance :D.

Well that is just a little update. I’m praying we don’t do legs on Saturday as I can’t afford to have jelly legs all weekend. Will let you know how the event goes :).