Stop. Eat. Continue

Last Sunday night I had an awful upset stomach. On Monday I felt a little better and I decided to go ahead with my supermarket run – you know, visit 3/4 places to get everything I needed. My stomach was still a bit in a knot when I left home but after 2 hours I started to feel the hunger kick in. I wanted to just get everything done and then just sit and have lunch and unload everything.

BIGGEST. MISTAKE. EVER. I literally spent Tuesday in bed with the worst migraine of my life. My husband knew it was awful when I hadn’t even showered. I always say when you feel sick, take a shower, somehow it helps you to feel better. But I was just in fear of fainting in the shower without him home with all of the extreme dizziness that I had. I also had an asthma attack last September and was only allowed to take Tylenol so I only took 1 extra strength hoping it would offer some comfort in the morning. It did, I managed to make breakfast and went back to sleep. Half hour after my husband got home in the evening, the nurse at my doctor’s office finally called back to let me know what to take. It was Ibuprofen, something I shouldn’t take with my asthma, but this was an isolated incident so I should be fine. I took it and it slowly started to go. The next morning I took 2 more and I was ok.

Would you believe I almost did the same thing yesterday? I got so caught up in doing research on something that I totally forgot to eat. I dropped everything and went to Panera as I figured soup would be the best thing to eat. I also followed it up with a cup of tea and prayed that I don’t get a repeat of last week.

All of that to say, sometimes we get so consumed with life that we don’t see how it’s affecting our health. Next month I’ll be officially entering my late twenties and I want to feel better than I ever did. But if I keep this up, I’ll just be on the way to feeling like shit and encouraging disgusting habits and creating health issues that I never had before.

I’m not waiting until next week, or for a Monday to come – today it begins. I’ve progressed in that I was very sketchy with breakfast and now, like it’s supposed to be, it’s the most important meal of my day. I also want to lose at least 3lbs by my birthday which is more of a diet process than exercise process for me and it’s been hard so far but I have to stop thinking I *need* something when I really don’t. Like that raspberry filled, powdered donut is a treat for today. Or the chocolate brioche is ok once I have it with my Babybel light cheese which is a protein so it balances out… But it’s not ok.

It’s still the first month of the year and I haven’t been doing too bad but any bit of motivation helps. I’m going to meet with my dietician as soon as possible to help get me back on track.┬áLifestyle changes are what we need not resolutions. Life is a work-in-progress, treat it as such and roll with it.