Christmas Cards

I have a blog post on my trip to London and Paris saved in my drafts but I have to write this quickly.

I was just writing up a few more Christmas cards (I’m late with everything this year) and this feeling came over me. My husband doesn’t understand Christmas cards – why do I write them, why are people so obsessed with sending them out, why do families take pics and put them on cards – he just doesn’t get it.

I get it. A bit too much… I was writing a card for my hairdresser – I want her to know how much I appreciate her and what a year it’s been with me being miserable with my hair lol.

But Christmas cards are all about showing family (near and far) how much everyone has grown since the last year especially if you haven’t seen them in a year. They’re about expressing your gratitude to others and just spreading a little cheer.

We haven’t gotten to the family photo Christmas card level yet because who wants to see a picture of two adults on a card for Christmas? Even I think it’s weird.

But it’s also the end of the year and why not end it on a good note?