Christmas Cards

I have a blog post on my trip to London and Paris saved in my drafts but I have to write this quickly.

I was just writing up a few more Christmas cards (I’m late with everything this year) and this feeling came over me. My husband doesn’t understand Christmas cards – why do I write them, why are people so obsessed with sending them out, why do families take pics and put them on cards – he just doesn’t get it.

I get it. A bit too much… I was writing a card for my hairdresser – I want her to know how much I appreciate her and what a year it’s been with me being miserable with my hair lol.

But Christmas cards are all about showing family (near and far) how much everyone has grown since the last year especially if you haven’t seen them in a year. They’re about expressing your gratitude to others and just spreading a little cheer.

We haven’t gotten to the family photo Christmas card level yet because who wants to see a picture of two adults on a card for Christmas? Even I think it’s weird.

But it’s also the end of the year and why not end it on a good note?


Holiday Spirit

I grew up in a household where people were always stopping by – they loved my parents, they loved my sister and I, and most importantly, they loved my parents food! Interestingly enough, it has passed on to me. I love having people around but I put so much pressure on myself because I always want everything to be “perfect”. I need a little notice so that I can make sure in here isn’t a royal mess, I need to know that I can offer you something to eat or drink, and I need to know that you will thoroughly enjoy our company and would want to come back.

Since we moved into our new apartment, I haven’t had the opportunity to have people over as I’d like plus we’ve been travelling like crazy which has left me rather drained and in here always filled with suitcases etc. So I decided at the end of last month enough was enough – I’m throwing a Christmas party! I designed the invitation, got names and addresses (what’s a good party without a formal invite mailed to you?), threw together a menu and then thought to myself what the hell am I doing… If everyone RSVPs I’ll have just over 20 people here. Panic has kicked in – I’ve never done this before, not this many people, will I have enough food? Will they like my food? Will everyone find our place and good parking easily? Will they want to come back again next year?

If you haven’t picked up yet, I’m an over-thinker with a little OCD.

Preparation has begun. I’m sure I have enough glasses and alcohol already, I think I’ve covered everyone’s diets with my menu, I bought an over-the-door coat rack for everyone to hang their coats and I have sorted the decor and layout of our apartment. I’m praying this will be an epic party and I can only try to outdo myself next year.

I’m hoping to share this journey with you as I’ll be doing some dishes that I’ve never done before and that’s even more daunting as I now have to do it in bulk averaging 2 pieces per person. Hopefully my husband won’t mind the nagging that comes with it lol. He is very happy that I have chosen to this as he is very aware of how much I love planning events and cooking. I may put a lot of pressure on myself but I’m always very pleased with the result. I’m still trying to keep healthy and exercise and look after myself and not let this get the best of me.

Facebook has given people the mindset that you need to have a 1000 friends, but I really need those I know I can count on and who know they can count on me. And that is why I have no problem stressing myself to make sure that they have a wonderful time at whatever I host. What makes this more interesting is all of the different circles that we have pooled together to make this party come together. To let them know how much they are appreciated by us. We definitely didn’t have friends like this 2/3 years ago so it feels really good to be able to do this and also have everyone meet each other and make new connections.

Have you got plans to host a holiday party or even Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner? Feel free to share how you deal with it, it may help me try something new :).

Real Simple is telling the truth!


Christmas Goodness

I wanted to use the rest of the cheese I had so it wouldn’t go to waste while I was gone (and plus I’ll be bringing back more anyway) so I decided to make some cheese straws. It didn’t exactly go as planned because I used gluten free flour and it created a different texture to what I’m used to. It wasn’t crumbling so I decided to just roll it out and used my cookie cutters. Enjoy!