Fitbit Monsters

At the end of August last year, literally the second last day, our fitbits came from Amazon. David, my husband, was supposed to be playing tennis that weekend, so I decided to get a head start and charge and start using mine before him. I didn’t charge his or anything, I left it there in the box. At home. Waiting for him.

He knew about it for some time as people in his office were using it and had a little competition going. Then we had a little competition going. For some time he held a lead ahead of me because it was Summer and he was playing tennis almost every weekend. After realizing how competitive it was making us in the fitness area and how much it changed our habits (like taking the stairs and walking to places instead of driving) we decided that this is the gift we’d get our parents for Christmas and have a little friendly competition.

Fast forward to Christmas week Man! Those old people could put in some steps! WTF!? My parents walk in the morning once it’s not raining and they do Salsa. I think we underestimated how active our parents were. It’s January 10th and I’ve been on the treadmill for the last two days in a row and I might just go on it tonight after dinner. I need to stay close behind them. They’re in their 50s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother had a significantly low count the other day and I asked what happened. She said she took it off and forgot to put it back on. This is a competition so I won’t be reminding anyone to charge or put back on their fitbit… Every bit counts!! I know this all sounds mean but… you know how competition can sometimes bring out the worst in people? Yea, that may be me.

I just find it very interesting that my struggle to stay fit or exercise outside of our sessions with our trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been overcome because of our parents. PARENTS. I know they’re not old by any means but it really puts things into perspective when these people are twice your age and putting in more steps that you. I’m quite anxious to see what I’ll look like by the end of February if we keep this up. I hope to never back down or just accept their lead.

I’ve lost 5lbs since I started using it and that is thanks to diet as well. I hope in 2014 I look and feel my best while keeping a few good curves… I don’t know how many good ones I have right now.

Where’s the bathroom?

On Monday night, I read this article that someone posted on Facebook. The gist of the article is this: a lady attempted to drink 5 pints/80oz of water a day hoping to solve her headaches and poor digestion issues. So I told my husband we should try this… My reasons are for improving my skin and I’m hoping that the excess water will curb my sweet tooth a bit while I try to lose a few pounds. He’s just trying to drink more water (not necessarily 80oz/day) because he needs to drink more water. Men.

Drinking more water than you’re used to is hard – in more ways than one. I feel like I need to purchase Depends adult diapers… constantly using the bathroom is driving me nuts. And it’s only Day 1!!! I’m going to push and see how I look and feel at the end of the day. I’m hoping to make this part of my lifestyle. I used to drink a lot of water but it tends to slow down during the colder months because I go for warmer drinks. From the article I learned that tea can be included because it acts like a diuretic. I drink a lot of green tea blends and Earl Grey tea but I go for Chai tea lattes during this time of the year. I will cut back and make some changes there.

The other hard part is not eating like you want to. You have a delicious meal in front of you, but when you’re drinking more water than usual, you can’t enjoy as much as you want. I like food so I had to insert that line. Today, Day 1, I couldn’t stand to eat as many sweets as I’d like. Bummer.

The constant  bathroom usage.

Holding yourself accountable for how much water you’re drinking is interesting for beginners, especially when it comes to this much water. We have some tall glasses and I made sure I measured how much was in each glass that I can know how much I’ve had or need to have throughout the day. I’ve got water bottles for when I leave home. I’ve also been using my Fitbit app to help me by logging how much water I’ve had per glass. I just fill the glass and finish it (it’s about 23oz per glass) before adding more.

As of 11.59am on Tuesday I consumed 83oz of water and it was not hard. This is doable. I’ll come around to the bathroom aspect in a bit but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve over the next few weeks. I’m also reducing my flour intake and trying to work out two extra days outside of training with our Trainer.

Cheers to be healthy!


Workout with Us!

Last month I recorded my session with my trainer for a friend to give her some exercises and inspiration for working out. The video you are about to watch is filled with laughter and edited by a mere amateur who only learned how to rotate clips today. Also, enjoy the background music which our trainer told us to play that is a soca mixtape by DJ Private Ryan. It was recorded on a Flip, not the best quality but you get the idea. And yes, we give our trainer a lot of trouble.