Did you know..

Did you know that you are in control? You have the control over your tongue, that spews words that even if they aren’t meant, can’t be taken back? You have control over your body language, your thoughts and actions?

Did you know that you can lose control of all of the above – intentionally and unintentionally. You can’t take back a lot of what has been done. You can’t take back what has been said and the effect it had on someone or even yourself for thinking it. You can’t take back the past, but you can make a greater effect on the future.

People argue all the time. Even the most perfect relationships have their ups and downs but do you know know what makes them last? Acknowledgement – Yes, I was wrong and I’m sorry. No, I didn’t like how I spoke to you and I’d like to change that because I don’t want it happening again. Yes you hurt me, but can we work on this not happening again? Forgiveness is a cure that isn’t often prescribed but works better than any other pill. Accept that something hasn’t been done right and know that it will not define you as a person. Forgive the person who has done you wrong and know that they will not control you with their invisible puppet strings from a distance.

One of the hardest things to do is acknowledge when you are wrong, and oh the world of a difference it can make when you do. Lord knows I’m trying to right all the wrongs from my past and it’s a work in progress. But I’ve accepted the errors and I’m working to make sure they never happen again. I don’t want to be who I was before, I want to be better. I’m not erasing my character on the whole and becoming unrecognizable, I’m working on tweaking those negative factors… Did you know change is possible, but you have to want to make that change? It’s not about looking for someone who has done you wrong and casting the blame on them for how your life turned out. It’s about looking inside, finding out how you contributed to it and changing that aspect of your character to make sure it never happens again. The track and field runner who had a weak running start doesn’t get better by bitching about it, but practicing and changing his technique until he finds one that works for him and improves his race. What do you need to change to help you run a better race in this journey of life?

Did you know… it’s never too late?

“In the end, what affect your life most deeply are things too simple to talk about.”― Nell Blaine

This quote is deep. I’ve re-read it so many times in my head and it still baffles me how much deeper it goes with each read. It keeps bringing to mind the kind acts someone has done for me and how they made me feel. Simple, kind acts. Like the other day when I told you about the person who paid for my tea at Starbucks and how speechless it left me. Or when I feel like I’m very out of it and someone smiles a genuine smile – not the hey-how-can-I-help-you-today-smile that’s part of your job description. Or how you feel when your partner calls to just check in on you out of the blue because they were thinking of you.

Did you know that sometimes, it’s the simple things that have made the most impact on our daily lives? Like the relationships that have formed and blossomed because it started with a smile or a kind gesture. We can easily be swept away by thinking of what people have not done for us, but think of what they have done and how it has made us feel and why they are still in our lives (except for family). Find the simple things, talk about them and be amazed by your true feelings. You never know what tomorrow may bring.