This year we had Thanksgiving lunch at a workmate of my husband. It was very nice! I also made my first apple pies – two not even one! I was nervous as I’d never done a pie before and I’m not one to go out and buy when I could try making it. I did a pastry about two weekends ago for some meat pies but that was different to this. I had to roll out the dough to fit a pan, make a top layer as well as seal the edge and make it a little pretty. I woke up early in case there were any mishaps and then I baked at their house while we sat and ate lunch. It came out lovely and everyone enjoyed it so I guess I did ok and I can do it again :).

While I’m very thankful for the meal I had yesterday and meeting new very friendly people, I’m also very thankful for life and those I consider to be my support circle. I’m thankful because it has only gotten better with time so far. I didn’t have people like this three years ago and every year our list of friends/acquaintances¬†is growing and with people whom we like to spend time with.

I’m not American and I’m just getting familiar with this holiday and it’s traditions, so I’d like to commend those who actually spend time with family and be thankful for all that they have. I was super annoyed on WEDNESDAY when I saw pictures of people lining up outside of stores for Black Friday sales. The commercial aspect of holidays is getting out of hand and the true meaning is being diminished every year. Kudos to those of you who know when and where.

Well that was my two cents on Thanksgiving (2012).

Top pic: unbaked pies
Bottom pic: baked and ready to eat!


It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re doing it with…

Today was my first Super Bowl Sunday that I actually “participated” in, one word – Awesome. The NY Giants won and I wasn’t too happy as I was rooting for the New England Patriots. I will be honest and say I saw most of the plays but I’d spent most of the time talking crap and watching youtube vids on my phone. Regardless, it was fun!

The title of this post is important because I don’t follow American football – I really couldn’t give a shit- but the people that we were with made it something that I’d look forward to every year now. It truly highlighted the fact that there are many things/activities you can do but it’s who you’re with that makes a huge difference with how that time is going to go.

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or even go out! Having people around that you know are very good company are enough to lift your spirits. I honestly can’t wait until Spring/Summer to get into that entertaining mode and take in all the blessings that have been given to us in those who have become a part of our lives. No one can ever replace our family or friends but at least it’s not like we’re sitting alone wishing we had people to hang out with.

Look into your circle and see who really lifts our spirits when you are in there presence and know that even if they’re there for a season or lifetime, at least you had the blessing in knowing them.

Have a wonderful week!