I’ve been out of it for the last couple of days. Definitely not in a good/settled frame of mind to be writing a blog post. I was hardly home and then when I was I just felt (feel) overwhelmed when I look around. We’re moving in 20 days exactly (very excited) and I have furniture I want sold and I’m also trying to get rid of unnecessary papers that are everywhere. As well as going around the apartment and cleaning out little nooks and crannies that can be done now and again, throw out stuff we have never used or what we used to use that we don’t anymore. Moving is hard. And since my husband’s last move happened while I was home and he had to do it alone, he’s not in a hurry to help. I’m not bothered by that because I might frustrate myself more trying to make him understand what I want with my millions of demands. Hence why I’ve started tidying up and cleaning so early.

It’s hard for me to not stress. I do it naturally about everything. I’m thinking of doing yoga again, it really helped a few weeks before our wedding. I have so many things in my head that I want to do, have to do, am in the middle of doing and don’t want to do. Yes, now you can see why I’m so stressed. I have notes everywhere – on my cell, on post-its, on the fridge, index cards, notebooks… I’ve had to write out daily schedules to make sure I don’t miss a thing, yet I still miss something because I forget to look at it.

I’m just writing today to get my frustrations out I guess. I intend to get help closer to the end but for now, it’s stuff I have to deal with. I know where everything is and where I want it to be. And that’s how it has to be. For me at least. But as I’m trying to repeat to myself all the time: don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff. I don’t know who I’m kidding, I can’t even finish the book! But that phrase pops into my head every now and then and I try to take a few breaths and just go with the flow.

I’ve been sharing those quotes of the day because I figured they give me a little peace of mind and something to think about daily and if I can share them with you I will. So here’s todays:

Taken from Real Simple









Here are a few pictures from Wednesday (July 4th). My phone crashed at the start of the fireworks (forgot my camera) and when we got back by my friend I managed to get it on and realised I could’ve gotten a few more pics *sigh*.

Only fireworks picture I have 😦
Gas Works Park
My love 🙂
The beautiful Mt. Rainier in the back!

I’ve also been trying to get back into exercising and as I’m typing this, my legs are still rather sore from a twenty minute workout on July 4th and walking over a mile to and from the park, plus walking over an hour along Alki Beach with a friend Monday. I don’t  have the Summer body that I dreamt of but honestly f*ck it.. I’ll take myself with a few extra, oddly placed curves than to be stressing myself over my diet and exercising schedule considering all the other stuff I have on my plate. Thick chics are in! (at least in my head and that’s all that matters :D). Yoga isn’t as hard on my body as weight training is so that should be a plus for me doing it. Look good, feel good and be in a calm state of mind… Namaste.

I hope that whatever you do this Summer, you live to have no regrets. Just wonderful memories, experiences and time with loved ones.


Show and Tell :)

First of all… it’s the final week of Winter!!! The trees around my complex have blossoms already and my allergies are not as bad as they were last week. The whole reason for this post is: I finally have pics of my pieces!  Yay! *happy dance* :).  I’ve added them as a slideshow (old items first then the changes) so here’s what you will be seeing:

The jeans… I’ve always had a fascination with distressed jeans. I had a pair that my mother hated but I LOVED!! I must see if I still have them when I go back home. I’d bought this pair already distressed, however, I started to prefer the skinny leg for my physique as opposed to a flared leg which can only shorten a short person even more. So I cut the jeans and threw them in the wash to fray the bottom. As I already have about 3 pairs of denim shorts I decided to make this one mid-thigh, that it wouldn’t seem only for the day. I can already tell I’m going to kill them with some wedges! Then, I have two shirts that I removed the smocking bottom and simply hemmed the bottom of one and added an embroidered trim to the other, to make it slightly more feminine. I love these tops with shorts so I figured that would add a little edge to the look.

Just a quick update on the gym :). I have two more sessions left with my personal trainer. I’m seeing mad results already and feeling like She-Hulk! I’ve started Basic Yoga on Mondays and Fridays and once my sessions are up, I’m going to start the classes at the gym. I know it’ll be a waste if I go in there on my own so I’m going to put on my big girl pants and do the best I could in the classes. After all, you perform better when you don’t want to seem like the weakest link in the class ;). I’m very muscle bound today as I went to Yoga Monday, did arms/back with trainer Tuesday and legs yesterday again with trainer. I’m taking a break today and back to Yoga tomorrow >_<.

No Pain, No Gain 😉

*Please excuse my photography!! I rushed to take the pics as I almost forgot to take them before I started hacking away at my clothes 😀 *

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Better Late than Never

I know it’s the 8th of February, also the 6th week of the year, but I’ve made progress! I joined David Barton Gym on Saturday 😀 and had my free hour with a personal trainer yesterday. My legs quivered going down stairs and I dreaded the thought of how I’d feel today, so it was a very good session. I was planning to go to a yoga class today but my legs told me they couldn’t handle such a workout and I thought I should just take a walk on the treadmill and do some stretches throughout the day just to keep the circulation going. Today hasn’t been the easiest but what’s important is that I’ve started and I am motivated to keep going. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been in a gym consistently and I hate it.

What I really like about this gym is that I’m on the treadmill looking out onto the streets (one floor above street level) and it’s not dark to block whatever little sunshine the day may bring, and to just see outside. I felt so happy that I’d made the change, and happy that even though it pained me to walk down the stairs outside of my apartment, I was in the gym trying to ease the pain with more exercise and not sleeping it off.

I can speak from experience that so easily we can make up excuses about why aren’t doing what we’re supposed to be doing to help our bodies, but we NEVER try to make a small change in our lifestyle to start the process. Last year I gained 11lbs in a month from drinking whey protein and not exercising. I hated how I looked. I was back in the gym periodically but Summer came around, so did trips and family and friends visiting so gym was not even an option for me. But I made a change, a small one. I started eating breakfast and smaller portions of dinner – portion control. I love my dessert and chocolates, but hated how I felt after eating dinner and forcing down my dessert because I couldn’t have 2 bites and stop. So I decided, since I like my desserts so much, maybe I should cut down on the amount of food I eat so that I can enjoy my dessert and feel satisfied not full. When I put this thought into practice, it was the best thing I’d ever done for myself. I went on to lose 13lbs in about 5 months just from not stuffing myself at every meal. Yes! Soooo easy to gain but HARD to lose. I love food, I love cooking food and going out to try different places (even though I’m picky about certain foods). I often check the dessert menu before looking at the lunch or dinner menu when deciding on a new place to eat. I’d happily eat a chicken caesar salad and have a brownie drenched in vanilla sauce; at least I’m not stuffing myself!

I’m sharing this because I’m hoping it could help someone. That it would be some kind of motivation. Small steps can lead to bigger steps. Start changing your diet –> start losing weight –> increased desire to tone what is left –> work towards that goal with exercise that you love. Many people think they have to go into a gym  but they don’t have to. Take up dancing or something else that is guaranteed to be a good cardio workout. And gradually, build up yourself. Take a short walk and extend the distance every time you go for one. It doesn’t make sense doing too much and then you lose interest fast. I did that many times, but this time I’m determined to get it right. I miss the two abs I had back in 2008 and I’m determined to get them back because I owe it to myself, and no one else, to have the body I want. I once asked my husband what he’d do if I got fat, he responded by saying “that won’t happen because you won’t let yourself get there”. If there was any motivation I needed I got it in that response.

-change in small steps lasts longer and is more accepted, than change in big steps-