Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

I just came back from a trip to San Francisco today and it was a mix of business and pleasure but more to spend Memorial day with his college friend/best man. This was my first time there and my husband’s third and I had a wonderful time. Not once did we eat at a food chain and that also enhanced the experience – being able to eat at hidden gems. Just to name a few, we ate at Mission Beach Cafe (brunch – amazing brioche French toast), Cha Cha Cha (dinner – a Cuban fusion also the BEST meal of the trip) and Left Bank Brasserie (dinner – didn’t eat here but had an amazing cocktail).

Over the weekend, our host took us to the waterfront in San Francisco, we drove through Napa Valley, along the coast by Point Reyes (Limatour beach), down to Stinson beach, across the Golden gate bridge and also to have brunch at Fred’s Place in Sausalito. It was a touristy and fun trip. I may have gained a pound or five but it was definitely worth it. Another plus is that we did a lot of walking so I was able to exercise a bit in there.

While there, my husband did his first presentation on behalf of Microsoft (despite everyone thinking he was there for an interview at some company) and we visited other tech companies like Github, Twitter, IMO.Im and EA Games. As I mentioned before, he works for Microsoft, and one thing I found particularly interesting is the female to male ratio in these companies. From what I’ve seen in the last three years, with his team and just waiting around when I pick him up from work, there are way more men than women. I may see a few when I go to pick him up but still not that many.

Twitter was our first stop on our first day and it was a total shock for me to see so many women there. We then went to, I saw one woman there. On to Github and out of about 20 people again, only 2 women. That seemed more normal to me. Don’t get me wrong, it was good that so many women are in the Twitter office but I’m sure it can be said that the tech industry is dominated by males and wherever there is an abundance of women, one may be forced to do a double take or just simply be in shock. At the same time, as a woman, it was nice to see.

As much as I enjoyed the trip, I have say that the next time I go back with my husband, he is banned from tweeting, or sharing any status about being there. For those interested in meeting him or showing him around, please consider that his wife is with him and my face hurts after a while of pretending to be interested in any conversation about your projects. This trip was an exception. I encouraged him to see a few places and I wanted to see them as well since I heard so much about them. Sometimes my smile is genuine because I actually do know what is being discussed and I’m assuming you don’t think I do.

I will say I feel more inclined to take a class or two on programming so that I won’t be totally clueless with some jokes also just to get a kick out of seeing the look of shock on my husband’s face when I mention something he thinks I’m clueless about.

To document my visit/tours I got the following shirts and I intend to have some fun wearing them and have people guessing what I do for a living :).

I will have a followup post with pictures coming but I had to get this text part out while it was still fresh in my head :P. Hope you enjoyed this post!


A Microsoft Wife

The ONLY reason I’m living in Seattle is because of my husband. Well his job. I hope you didn’t think this was a random place I chose on a map of America to get away from the tropics… I’d be on crack if I did. Anyway, he’s a software engineer and doing a very fine job at it. I’ve been introduced to a few wives within this industry and not all have an idea of what their husbands do, the team they’re on, their job titles, what building they’re in or even went to the Christmas party. But not me… I’ve been thrown in because I’m his best friend (I think). I know everything about what he does even if I don’t have a single clue when he’s explaining it. Technically you can say I can regurgitate it, although he can give a few analogies to help me understand what he’s really doing. 

Part of being married to this nerd (and a fine one at that ;)) is that I have come to be a little “techy” myself. He gives me such a run around that I try everything before I ask him for help. Bing, Google, reset, unplug, click everything until something happens. That is what my life is about when I’m faced with a problem with some electronic device. Two years ago, I wanted to unlock the very old iPhone we have to use at home. He refused to do it for me, said go online and figure it out. I did. And after not being able to do it after a million tries, he resolved that I had the wrong program for the phone and then he did it :D. But the point is, I tried. Normally, you only have to show me how to do something twice (max) for me to be able to do it on my own. I don’t believe someone will always be around to help me and it’s just better if I give it a shot myself. 

Keyboard shortcuts – I know a few, if I don’t, Bing it. Lost safari on my iPhone home screen the other day and was freaking out – Binged it. Got it back. (Took an hour trying on and off because one option wasn’t working >_<). Setting up wi-fi on printers, all electronics in the house – I got it covered.  Something comes on the news about a tech company – I listen and relay the story for him to follow up. Don’t know the answer? BING IT!

The other aspect of this is experimenting and being aware of websites. No I don’t read everything but, he’s read it, is infatuated with it, shares with me and then I know. I tend to know a few things going on in the tech industry before the average Joe and it also makes me to jump in and try things even if I don’t want to just to get him off my back. Google +, Facebook (new timelines), Twitter, and Klout may soon be added, but all of the aforementioned I joined because of him. For him it’s more about what the company has done and he wants to use me in his personal usability study. When everyone is complaining about some change, I’ve adjusted. It’s become my way of life for dealing with my nerd, and I don’t mind. 

One thing about programers is that they don’t sleep and, somehow, he thinks this should extend to me, but I need my 8 hours (minimum, 9 is preferred). I’m up before he is, making breakfast (which I use to wake him up) and getting ready for the day. I do need my beauty sleep… not for physical appearance but to make sure I’m a pleasant person when encountered. Lack of sleep and being forced to get up against my will do not sit well with me. Since my day revolves around his, everything is scheduled around the time of his first meeting. Yes, he does not do 8-4.30/9-5/10-6. I’m very spoiled in this regard. I only see 7am when I’m going to the gym for 9am or flying somewhere, not because he has to be at work for 8 and even then, that’s not guaranteed to happen at least once for the year. *Amen*. However, he works non-stop. The lack of sleep is due to him working on something that has to work before he goes to bed. I’m still trying to break this habit so he can get more sleep but I’m positive this year will see a better sleep schedule.

The most important part of being a Microsoft wife is to be supportive. He hasn’t gotten where he is solely on the fact that he’s always up working but he has me making sure everything else is being looked after. But hard work is rewarded with a lot of play time which is what makes us happy people.