People + the Internet

Let’s be real, the internet has it’s perks – people have launched careers from it and we can Bing it or check Wikipedia. Then there is the downside to it. The negative comments, the people taking on different personalities or persons altogether, cyber bullying and people searching for fame that really need to go and sit in a corner.

I started my fashion blog because I like when people share their purchases because you get ideas even if you do not want to get the same product they’ve bought. It’s one of the good things about the internet and social media – sharing. You also get reviews on products you want to try but just want other’s opinions on it first to make an informed decision.

I was watching a video tonight where Dulce was showing her makeup collection because people requested it. I am always amazed by the comments made under videos like these, and on Instagram, and it has led me to only want to write on my little blog and not share a video. Don’t mistake what I’m saying for weakness. I would do videos but I fear what may slip from my tongue in the initial stages before I just ignore the negative comments and acknowledge those who are positive.

My question is WHY? Unless you’re some amazing computer whizz there isn’t much anonymity behind an account. Why do you think it is ok to be so negative and judgmental of people? Why do you think it is ok to pretend to be someone else and toy with someone’s emotions? Why is ok for you to pick on someone behind a screen? That little bit of, what you perceive to be, enjoyment you get from messing with someone is always short lived compared to what happens to you when you are called out for your actions.

Then there are those idiots who do shit, there is no point in censoring this, to get attention. The video of the girl “eating” the tampon had me enraged. It took me a while to watch it, (I had to because I thought she was actually going to swallow it and I thought that was unbelievable) I paused right before it went into her mouth. First of all, what on earth made her think this was ok? I was even more enraged when I saw her place it on the counter and drink from a cup. I hope part of her punishment from her parents was to scrub that bathroom with Clorox. That is, if her parents even punished her. Lawd if that was my child…. she would rather be bullied at school than be in my house. No I won’t beat her ass but she will know not to make a stupid decision again. I would not have an umph of sympathy if she came crying to me about people telling her shit. You did that to yourself. You were old enough to know what you were doing was shit, maybe not the repercussions of it over the span of your life, but old enough to know right from wrong. I’m done with this topic, shit gives me a headache whenever I start thinking about it.

Then there’s the issue of Catfish and the footballer Manti Te’o. I cannot comprehend how you can carry on a relationship with someone for so long without seeing them and it gets so serious. It baffles me. I won’t go into the Te’o situation, I’m tired of that as well. But the tv series Catfish is just amazing. No! Please don’t think I mean a good amazing. I get pissed amazing. The same can be said for online dating sites. I hope life never leads me to have to create a profile on one. People will always be able to trick you in life – online or offline – but when you set yourself up to be in a situation like that, I feel very little sympathy when you realize you’ve been tricked.

I would love to type more on this topic but my head hurts from the little I’ve written and from what I’ve seen for the night.