Barbados = Talent :)

Barbados = Talent :)

Today I had plans… They didn’t happen. Except for the car – that was scheduled. I wanted to tidy the apartment, finish packing as much as I could for a little trip, and get a little of the Seattle sun that peeped out today. Well not much of that happened if any.

Anyway, a lot is going on musically in my beloved island that I thought would be a good to share today for my post. We have music and videos. I feel so blessed to come from and island filled with so much talent! Rihanna, Livvi Franc, Allison Hinds, Nexcyx, Cover Drive, Hal Linton, Azman, Miles Robertson just to name a few *queues plug for selling Barbados* You should definitely go! Crystal waters, white sandy beaches, delicious food and friendly people… like me! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll start with Cover Drive. I’ve mentioned them before and they have a new video out to their single Sparks. Their debut album ‘Bajan Style’ will be released on May 7th. Will you be getting it? You should!


Here is another band from Barbados, hope you can understand them if you aren’t from there!

Now on to my favoritist band (yes I had to make up that word for exaggeration). They just released a new single Nightclub Superheroes which I’m really feeling and bought on iTunes already ๐Ÿ™‚ so buy it right after you listen! I’ve also added their cover for Moves Like Jagger in which the lead singer Mahalia does a sick rap on. Let me know what you think!

Just to put Barbados in your head here are a few pics :). I’m from Holetown.


This is the north of the island on the Atlantic side.


Look at that water ๐Ÿ™‚ That dot for a head is my husband lol.

The top pics are from my parent’s home in Barbados/ my “backyard” and you’ll remember the bottom pic from this post. My feet!

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!


Music Monday!

Jumping right into it – The Grammy’s. It truly was one of the best in most recent years. I’m not going to do a play by play of the night but I have to highlight two things: Rihanna and Adele.

Adele cleaned up the night with 6 Grammy’s including: Record of the year, Album of the year and Song of the year. I was soooo happy as I watched because Adele’s album helped me through a bit of a rough patch last year and I have to say her voice is the most soothing and calming voice I’ve ever heard within my generation. I look forward to more music from her and I’m praying I could see her live sometime in the near future! By the way, her pianist/musical director is from Barbados ;).

Rihanna!!! LOVE this girl! She looked stunning (even though I prefer her a little chunkier) and I like her blonde hair like this not straight. My husband thinks I’m crazy sometimes when it comes to Rihanna but I don’t think I’m any different to the average fan… While I’m showing love for Barbadian talent I’ll go on to highlight others who aren’t as big as Rihanna but are doing a damn good job at proving that we have top quality artists coming from that 166 square mile island in the sun.


I LOVE this band! Every time I go home I like to make sure I have a Thursday in there somewhere so that I can go and listen to them live. Yes I schedule trips around a band. I’d rather go there than party at a club – the energy (and music) is way better. I actually don’t know what to say about this band besides the fact that they’re infectious, talented and simply amazing! I’m giving you a few of their tracks to listen to. You can click on their name above and go to their website to read up more on them and while you do that you can listen to their music :).

Cover Drive

Next we have a younger band who already has a number one hit in the UK. Again, you can click on their name to go directly to their website. Twilight is the song that got them to number 1 and you can read up on that here.

A Few Good Men (AFGM)

AFGM is a group of four young men who sing gospel. I’ll be honest, I go to church almost every Sunday but I can’t take most gospel songs that I hear. I’ll say they definitely appeal to the younger generation with their delivery and are still good enough to get the older folk interested lol. Here is their second single, their first single is called Like You.

Livvi Franc

I have mentioned her before several times in my blog but here are two of my favorites just to give you a taste.

I’m thinking of making this a regular thing: “Music Monday” just to highlight all things music. What do you think?? And just for a little cuteness, I love this commercial and I hope you do too! ๐Ÿ™‚