It Didn’t bother Me

It happened today. It didn’t bother me. And when I realized, I had a moment of silence.

I got used to the fog.

Really? Is this what it has come to? I guess it’s a good thing because I wasn’t very miserable and that’s a plus, but being used to the fog and not having it bother me was weird. There was no weird feeling driving in it. None. It has been just over a week with fog everyday, so I should be ok but it was weird.

When I’m waiting outside of my husband’s office, I always feel like I’m in a horror movie and someone is going to emerge from the shadows with a machete and hack me to death. Yes, that is what I associate fog with.

Ideally, I’d be getting ready to go somewhere sunny for a few days and come back feeling refreshed. But that’s not happening, so I guess mentally, my brain realizes that this is my life now, and I’m no longer in Barbados, so get used to it. Or, simply I’ve been driving and being in fog for more than 24hrs that I’ve just adjusted. I like to take the former explanation please!

Anyway, the fog should lift by Tuesday (tomorrow) and then it’s back to rain (yay!). “Back to normal” and cold… I will make the most of this week, I have a few things planned that I will not let the rain and cold put a damper on. This is my year and I will not let a lot of things get to me because some things will get to me.

Taken from Real Simple
Taken from Real Simple




Why Am I so Shy…

Why Am I so Shy…

A rainy day in the Caribbean cannot be compared to a rainy day in Seattle. In Barbados, we had a hard downpour for the day or a few but never this misty rain that falls for about 10 days in a row. I’ve adjusted. I’m fine now. It’s just another rainy day.

From Friday to Sunday, my husband and I went on dates every day. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Friday and Saturday were nice and sunny, Sunday the rain came back. Sitting in a restaurant/café and having conversations with the one you love just does something to you. We’ve been married for just over two and a half years and together for over 10, and up to this day, you’d think we just met each other if you watched us from a distance. We’re playful, we’re always laughing, even when there isn’t verbal communication we still know what the other is thinking with one look. There’s love. We’ve been put to the test many times but we’re still here. And in this gloomy rainy weather, things are just getting better.

But why am I so shy around him still? I would love to know but at the same time I don’t want to. I love feeling like a little school girl sometimes with butterflies. Another rainy day, and I can’t wait for him to come home.