it’s done..

Today I had my final session with my personal trainer.. it was bittersweet and I gave it my all. I am a bit weary of doing my own workout now but with the changes that I’ve seen, I have confidence in myself that I can do it. I don’t think i’ll be totally alone though. My husband may be joining my gym and after joining me in my last session, I think we’ll become workout partners and we have good gym chemistry lol.

Now to the part to help you! One point my trainer made is the necessity to change up the workout to keep all of the muscles active and also to not get bored!! There are two ways to approach this – the free way and the not so free way :D. If you like buying magazines, SELF magazine offers workout cards that you can tear out and keep with you and TAKE to the gym if you do not exercise at home. You will benefit from the magazine on the whole if you paid for a subscription but the workouts are also available online. The have an app too! I would suggest getting the subscription if anything because this is an excellent magazine – the name alone tells you you’ll be doing a favor to yourSELF *hehe*. The link to Self’s fitness page is:

Another magazine/website is Shape ( They offer a virtual trainer on their website (I haven’t tried this so I can’t say if it’s good or not but i’ll imagine it is) if you like the stay-at-home exercise routine — I personally HATE to exercise at home. I have NO motivation whatsoever and as much as I say I’ll do something, I’ll find other things to do to get out of it. That’s why there are gyms :D.

Personal trainers aren’t the cheapest but they’re worth it. I made a personal effort not to track my weight over the 5 weeks but to take note of how my body was changing; sometimes that’s more important as the scale could be quite depressing misleading. It’s better to pay attention to how your clothes are now fitting and if your body is changing in a way that YOU want it to. So what I’ve done (as advised by my personal trainer) is glue the cards from the magazine to index cards, then I’ll shuffle and choose 5 exercises to do when I go to the gym. Hopefully with my “new” personal trainer I can keep up what’s been started and continue to look the way I want and feel great about myself.

A year doesn’t have to start from January 1st, your year for change can start the day you decide you want it to happen.