AHHHHHHHH!! Yes, I’m freaking out, aren’t you? It’s December 1st already and I’m still sorting gifts, sorting luggage and what to pack (this time of the year is more difficult as there are more parties etc to attend) trying to make sure my apartment doesn’t turn into a huge mess every other day after packages are received. And it’s COLD… and gloomy. Which means, even though mentally I have a lot that I want to do, physically there is no drive whatsoever. This apartment has the worst natural lighting ever. You may be happy and cheery once you leave home but when you get back it’s depressing as hell. I still love the layout and double sinks in my master bathroom but I’d give up the sinks for better lighting. Anyway, I’ve finally put up all my little bits of decorations and I occasionally play Christmas music to really get me going. Last week Dave and I just went through all of the songs we love to hear and added them to a playlist. *Bliss*

Can you tell I’m ready to go home and enjoy time with my family and the sun, sea and sand?! I don’t know how long it’ll take me to really adjust to this weather but I dislike it a lot. You can get dressed and be well covered but knowing you have to put on so much is … ugh! I’m dreaming of a hot Christmas! Anyway, deep down inside I would love to be baking and filling the house with wonderful, yummy smells, but it’s just Dave and I right now, and food will be wasted. The main issue with holding stuff here is we have quiet hours plus parking is kind of stink for visitors so I don’t like to entertain too often. If that wasn’t the case I’d probably be doing something every other month. I love entertaining! But it’s probably a good thing because I’d get chunky eating so much. However, until we move, I’ll use this time to experiment with healthier options as gluten and wheat are making an exit from my diet. It’s also helping me get closer to my 2pack as I don’t think I could get a 6.. I don’t like to see girls with 6 packs – freaks me out! My friend already said she’s dying for my apple crumble so I know I’ll definitely be doing that when I get home.

I went to Michael’s yesterday and I got a few knick knacks – gift bags, boxes, tins, Christmas cards and a cute Christmas mug. I didn’t have one of those so I thought it would make me feel more cheery drinking from it lol. And it has a ceramic lid as well, I can’t wait to use it! I might go and get another one and then post pics of both of them.  I’m awful with this follow up posting pics thing. I need to get into using the app on my phone more.

I’ve been extremely distracted writing this post, so I think I’ll end here and probably do a follow-up when I’ve settled myself and my mind isn’t racing over everything that has to be done. The gym is still in operation and as much as I’m loving the transformation taking place I’m hating the soreness. Almost wish I was a man so I didn’t have to sit to pee… all in the name of toned legs and a perky butt! *sigh*

No pain, No gain…



Tomorrow I have a session with my trainer 🙂 sooo happy! I’ll be doing 4 sessions but I also have a free session as I signed up for a workout on the 24th  with the money going towards a charity for Ovarian Cancer. I signed up on the 12th as I got the email about it and I’ve been looking forward to it (the cause not the workout).

My husband will be training with me sometimes (if not all the time) so I look forward to this “bonding” time we will have together, which may consist of a very competitive spirit and pushing each other like we’re in boot camp but all for the greater good yeah?

I’ve been sticking to my smoothies and Smart Start and eating less junk. The gym will definitely help what I’ve been doing since not a single pound has been lost yet. Stupse. I will not be discouraged though, I’m on a mission and I won’t quit. But for now, my shepherd’s pie is calling me and it’s time for dinner anyway. Updates to come 🙂


Ginkgo biloba

I started this post and forgot to finish it, I swear I have the worst memory.. Then I thought I posted it but realized it was unfinished >_<. Hence the title of this post – Ginkgo biloba: a herb that can be taken to help with memory loss.

I just wanted to fill in on the “no flour week” experience. I have come to the conclusion that my addiction to all things made of flour is practically impossible to curb for a week. If I really wanted to stop I’d have to cut it out for a day or two per week. But at least I could say that I tried. Therefore my challenge for next week is to not eat flour for a day or two, especially the two days that I choose not to go to the gym. I don’t know how people go on these crazy diets and make it through. Diet is definitely a lifestyle change, and my flour consumption is one thing I’m sure I can change. It’s not about cutting it out totally, but curbing my cravings a little better by reducing the amount I eat on a daily basis.

While I attempt the two separate days  of no flour I’m hopeful they will be successful and I can keep this up. I will allow some flexibility by not sticking to the same two days every week and maybe adding in only eating certain meals when I dine out. Allllllll in the name of a healthy body, and helping my body as I’m exercising more. Hopefully Summer here is really nice and I get to show off my hard work :).

Love and liquid sunshine