Tomorrow I have a session with my trainer 🙂 sooo happy! I’ll be doing 4 sessions but I also have a free session as I signed up for a workout on the 24th  with the money going towards a charity for Ovarian Cancer. I signed up on the 12th as I got the email about it and I’ve been looking forward to it (the cause not the workout).

My husband will be training with me sometimes (if not all the time) so I look forward to this “bonding” time we will have together, which may consist of a very competitive spirit and pushing each other like we’re in boot camp but all for the greater good yeah?

I’ve been sticking to my smoothies and Smart Start and eating less junk. The gym will definitely help what I’ve been doing since not a single pound has been lost yet. Stupse. I will not be discouraged though, I’m on a mission and I won’t quit. But for now, my shepherd’s pie is calling me and it’s time for dinner anyway. Updates to come 🙂


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