Sexy and I Know It

Since my last post, I got busy with my “overhaul” I’ve been drinking fruit smoothies (banana, orange juice, peaches, strawberries and vanilla yogurt) for breakfast and I decided to start back on Smart Start cereal. Back in university I started eating this cereal night and day just because I loved it then I realised I was losing weight. It was only when I saw the Special K ads for their ‘2 week challenge’ that I realised what was going on. So I’m eating the cereal again to help in my challenge. I’ve been trying to cut down on my flour intake but I’ve resolved that I can’t quite cut it out entirely so once I keep it to a minimum and avoid it wherever possible I should be OK.

I’m making diet a huge issue because I don’t always have the discipline for the gym but I’m REALLY trying to get into it. My gym is having a day dedicated to raising money for ovarian cancer. I’ve signed up for a training session (free when you make a donation of $50 or more) and I’m hoping to get at least 4 other sessions to help push me along. I’ve made it to the gym twice since the last post (which is very good for me) and I’m not busy this week so I’m hoping to make it more often.

I had my first leg wax this week and it was quite fun! My friend is in training and I volunteered to grow mine for her to wax at school. I was terrified but the wax she used made it painless. It was a pleasant experience. I thought it would hurt more but after the strip was pulled, there was a slight sting then nothing after. My legs felt very sensitive after, like wind blew and there was this tingling that felt weird, but other than that, they’re smooooth and awesome ;). I’d do it again for sure. Underarms are next and I think I’ll cry for that one. Who knows it may not be too bad but for now it just seems way more painful than legs.

As part of my motivation, I’ve put this song as my ringtone and it’s my theme song now. At first it was Sexy B**ch by David Guetta ft Akon but this song has taken over. Need a self-esteem booster? Listen/watch this :D.

Sexy and we know it! 😉



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