Since my last post I actually stepped on the scale and I need to lose 5lbs not 3. Yes, a whole two pounds more but it makes a huge difference for where I have to lose it. So I’ve resolved that I will put in the work – diet and exercise. I made it to the gym Friday and I would like to do a yoga class or two this week, but we’ll see how that works as I have to take my husband to work.

I used to have my diet under control but now’s the time to get back there. This will be hard but I know it’s the only way to get to where I want to be. Today I did rice for myself while I did pasta for my husband, and had a smaller portion of food. Portion control is back on the books again. I probably won’t lose the whole 5lbs but mainly tone certain areas as I like this booty size :P. I’m definitely going to hold out on the flour stuff in meals as much as possible – pasta, bread sides, croutons, etc. and use more multi-grain (which I kind of do already). So as part of this new overhaul, I will still try the one dessert per month but I’ll make  it a healthy one or switch up some ingredients to make a “naughty” dessert a good one :). The good thing about baking is that I hardly eat what I make but I love sharing it for others to enjoy.

I’m going to give myself a 5 week challenge to see how I do. I really need to do this for myself and hope that by blogging about it I may be able to offer encouragement to someone out there who may need it.

On a livelier note, this ad is one of my favorites right now and makes me like the song even more! Definitely a song to have on my gym playlist!

To losing pounds and changing frowns xx


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