Take Over Control

I know I’ve been absent but I had a lot going on over the last month since my last post. I’m also fighting (very well I might add) this sinus infection which attempted to take me out. I had a wonderful time with my family here and I can’t wait for Christmas to be home to see everyone again. Since we got married I realised that from September to December will always be the busiest time of the year for me (as I’m a bit obsessed with planning). We have our anniversary in September, Dave’s birthday in November then Christmas in December. October is a little break but my sister’s birthday is then so I have to sort out what I’m sending her from early and make sure I post in time.

Summer is winding down and I must say it was a rather interesting one for me. A lot of things happened that opened my eyes, tested my faith, made me feel at the bottom and on top of the world, just too many things happening and all of which I cannot discuss. But I’ve learnt time and time again, it’s not what happens to us but how we deal with it. So many times I try to be positive but that in itself is a challenge but I have to remember my other blessings even when things aren’t going my way. Such is life.

September in Bellevue has started nice and I hope it continues to stay this way for a while. It’s been very warm and exciting. Labor Day weekend was very nice. We went to a club Friday night (which was given the theme song “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry, it wasn’t that bad but that song just seemed to fit lol), Saturday was a rest day and Sunday and Monday were BBQ days at friends, of which I did two apple crumbles and forgot to take pics of them [I swear I have the worst memory sometimes], they were very nice though! Crumbly lol. I’m thinking to try baking something that I’ve never done before at least once a month just to broaden my baking skills. That sounds like a good challenge to post here as well… I think I’ll take that up for sure!

Fall is around the corner and even though the warmth of the oven will liven up this house with smells of delicious goodies, my wardrobe is looking just as delightful! I think I’m really getting the hang of shopping for fall/winter as I’m coming into my own sense of style that is surprising me day by day. I’ve also learnt from last year where not to buy sweaters from as some of them had my eczema become my worst enemy. I’m improving on the layering and even mixing up certain styles for comfort and fashion that suit my body type. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pair of the lace-up boots and I can’t find one that doesn’t make my ankle/calves look smaller than they already are. That is one challenge I will keep up with because they’d be easier than my pull on boots all the time and different.

My other challenge is to lose 3lbs that I gained because it went to the wrong place. So I’ve started my mornings with a smoothie and trying to drink lots of water during the day, eat more salad (throwing some fruit in there for added sweetness) and reducing my portions of which I seemed to have forgotten about with the good food I was enjoying. I’m giving myself until mid October to look how I want to, and I also have motivation from some dresses that I bought. Damn you Summer for the fun foods! I’m one who easily snacks constantly throughout the day and that is one habit I’m trying to break but I’ll get there. So far, the water is helpful in keeping me full. I’ve also been out of the gym for a month and a half, and I’m starting back today. I will be there this evening even if I just do half hour on the treadmill or elliptical. I need to do something.

Well I think this is enough of my rambling for now. As usual I’ll update with my progress. Here’s my song that I’ve been obsessed with recently, the radio edit is different but still love this version 🙂 :

Lots of love.


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