Ginkgo biloba

I started this post and forgot to finish it, I swear I have the worst memory.. Then I thought I posted it but realized it was unfinished >_<. Hence the title of this post – Ginkgo biloba: a herb that can be taken to help with memory loss.

I just wanted to fill in on the “no flour week” experience. I have come to the conclusion that my addiction to all things made of flour is practically impossible to curb for a week. If I really wanted to stop I’d have to cut it out for a day or two per week. But at least I could say that I tried. Therefore my challenge for next week is to not eat flour for a day or two, especially the two days that I choose not to go to the gym. I don’t know how people go on these crazy diets and make it through. Diet is definitely a lifestyle change, and my flour consumption is one thing I’m sure I can change. It’s not about cutting it out totally, but curbing my cravings a little better by reducing the amount I eat on a daily basis.

While I attempt the two separate days  of no flour I’m hopeful they will be successful and I can keep this up. I will allow some flexibility by not sticking to the same two days every week and maybe adding in only eating certain meals when I dine out. Allllllll in the name of a healthy body, and helping my body as I’m exercising more. Hopefully Summer here is really nice and I get to show off my hard work :).

Love and liquid sunshine


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