Timeout!! Go sit in the corner!

Let me start by saying that I am not in any way qualified to give nutritional advice or anything. I’m merely trying to help others who live in the real world based on my experiences. I was talking to a male friend today and he mentioned he didn’t like the weight he’d put on (he likes to stay in shape) but with school and exams things we going downhill with him cooking for himself and also his choices in food whenever he bought it. This post is for him.

Now, last year I gained 10lbs quickly in a matter of less than 3 weeks when I chose to start putting whey protein in the shakes I got after I exercised but at the same time I also started to exercise less, while maintaining the diet of someone who was exercising regularly. I felt disgusted with myself. I didn’t know why it happened at first and was wondering how am I going to get rid of this excess weight. Gym wasn’t much of an option as it wasn’t close to home and I wasn’t pushing myself as I should whenever I went, nor did I have someone to help push me. So I decided diet was next on the list. If there’s one thing I have control over 24 hours a day it’s what I eat. So if you’re wondering what this title of this post has to do with what I’m saying it’s about DISCIPLINE. You deserve a timeout to think about your habits for the day when you know you haven’t been going according to plan. I gave myself one yesterday and I’m trying to get back on track.

Back to what I was saying before. I had become a Mocha junkie living up here with the constant cold weather, and to assist in my diet overhaul, I started weaning myself off of it and drinking more tea – no milk, no calories, just a teabag and a small teaspoon of sugar. We often go out every Friday night to dinner, and I LOVE my dessert, so I started eating less of my dinner (cut out the drinking during a meal if you can) so that after I ate my dessert (which was usually small) I’ll be satisfied and not full. This brings me to another discipline, portion control. I’ve mentioned this before I’m sure but it’s more than relevant to this post. Over-eating is just bad on the whole. Where’s the fun in going out and eating and not being able to enjoy the evening when you’re too full to think about anything other than sleep? No Sir! It’s not for you! If it’s food you cooked, take out less than what you’d normally eat, and tell yourself “seconds are not allowed!”. That right there is a start, because when you go out you know that you have that control and you can do it as well. NEVER FEEL ASHAMED THAT YOU COULDN’T FINISH YOUR MEAL. It’s not a competition, enjoy your meal until your are satisfied, get a doggy bag if you have to but don’t go overboard.

Another aspect of “eating out” is buying food to take home. You know how it goes, late night and you really don’t feel to cook but you’ll stop at Subway or the supermarket and get a rotisserie chicken and something to eat on the side. If you’re going to buy that rotisserie chicken, buy some noodles/rice and stir-fry veg (pre-cut) and go home and make yourself a nice stir-fried meal. You could be reducing your sodium intake and eating healthier with the dish you made . You could also do a chicken salad if you don’t want a heavy meal at night. The point is to be in control of some part of the meal and your portions.

From the portion control alone, I managed to lose 13lbs in about 5 months. It is second nature to me now to simply eat enough to keep myself satisfied, and now with exercise, I feel like I’m on the right path to maintaining a healthy weight and physique, and to simply be happy with myself physically.

I am not saying this is what you must do, it’s just me sharing my experience that may help you. By the way, those Godiva truffles are out as of tonight. I firmly believe in living life to the fullest, but at the same time – everything in moderation. Depriving yourself of something doesn’t make things better.

Lots of love,


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