I can’t even tell you why I haven’t been blogging… I don’t know myself. I think I wasn’t very inspired recently. Nothing came to mind and as I have said before, I don’t like to blog just for the sake of it. I have been rather pensive recently and again, I don’t know about what. It’s like I went into a shell and everything that was floating around my head just wasn’t making sense either. This may sound very much like a ramble to you as it is sounding to me. A lot of noise but nothing is really being said. Don’t you have those days where you feel frazzled and when you take a minute you realize you don’t even know why you feel frazzled? Maybe it was one little thing that set you off or what you were anticipating was going to be stressful, wasn’t stressful, and you just held on to that emotion? I think I had a few of those, while enjoying the company of my husband. He’s been sick recently with this nasty bug that’s going around, coughing a lot and annoying me.. you know how men are when they get sick..

Yea… So I just enjoyed a quiet weekend with him and it was nice and relaxing. We went on two dates and Saturday’s included a movie (Safe House with Denzel Washington is a must see) :). I’ve also been extremely obsessed with Pinterest. I mean OBSESSED. Thankfully, it’s also awaken my deep love for all things craft and today I finally made it to Michael’s and got some stuff to start doing something! Lol. My prized purchase is my glue gun, and it looks so feminine and cute!

I can’t wait to start getting messy!! This website (also found on Pinterest) gave me plenty of ideas for mason jar decor ideas (I have plenty and I have found uses for them outside of the kitchen) but the one project I’m dying to start working on is using doilies on the jars to create candle votives.

Here is the tutorial for these Doily/burlap candle votives.

Craft is something I consider my true passion. Whenever we buy a home, I know I will have my little nook for all things art and craft. I find it to be very relaxing and it’s as therapeutic for me as writing. It also brings out the perfectionist in me and it can get quite frustrating but I’m always mostly please with the final product. I’m very thankful for that push to join Pinterest and I hope you guys join and enjoy as well! Look for me (symonef) and let’s get sharing!