Nature Island

The last time you heard me I was trying to get to Dominica. We arrived Saturday morning after missing our other two flights and having to purchase another ticket on Liat as we had a special fare and they couldn’t change it. We arrived at our hotel – Portsmouth Beach Hotel around 9.30am and had breakfast while we waited for ur rooms to be finished. We then took a nap and got ready for the wedding.

In short, the wedding was lovely! The ceremony was held in the town of Colihaut and the reception was held at Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park. It really was a beautiful location, especially seeing it lit up at night as we drove towards it.


Spent recovering from a massive hangover as I mixed wine and champagne and hardly ate during the day as I had a terrible upset stomach. There was a lot of rain, and it was a chill day as many were preparing to leave after being there for the whole week. That night, we headed to Massacre, very close to the capital Roseau. We stayed at a house with some friends and canceled our reservation at Fort Young Hotel.

Cabrits as viewed from Portsmouth Beach Hotel
Cabrits as viewed from Portsmouth Beach Hotel on a rainy day


I was woken up and told a taxi is picking us up and we’re going to the river. OK. We spent the afternoon at a river in Rosalie (I don’t know the name of the river) and I have to say, it was the best day of the trip. I overcame my fear of deep water to be baptized in this portion of a river. We were given a shot of rum then we had to hold on to a rope and pull ourselves across the river that had a strong current from the rains the night before. So much FUN!! Food was cooked there and there was a bar set up. Everything was a ready for a day at the river.

Food being prepared
Food being prepared
Drinks hut
Drinks hut
Used this rope to pull myself across to the other side :)
Used the rope to pull myself across to the other side 🙂 It’s very deep in the middle and the current was strong.
Clear waters at the river.
Clear waters at the river.
Up the river
Up the river


Was another chill day. We woke up late, and then headed down the hill to the shop to see what we could get for breakfast. I knew it was a bad idea to walk (there was a vehicle sitting in the garage that we could use) when after I lost the ability to control my speed going downhill 10 seconds out of the gate. It was a very steep hill. Coming back up was worse! It was like putting the treadmill on incline 15! I should say that Dominica is very mountainous. After that walk that left us panting and drenched in sweat, we decided to go downtown to put money on our phones and look for lunch. We had no maps, no GPS and no clue of where to go or how to get back home. Luckily we’d been to town once or twice with the groom so we had an idea but nothing significant to go by. While in town, we also grabbed a few souvenirs – mine was a shot glass as these are much easier to collect than mugs, as my cupboard has informed me.

Dominica shot glass


They don’t call Dominica the Nature Island for fun. They have 365 rivers – one for every day of the year. There is a reserved area for the Kalinago — or as most people know them to be, the Caribs. Whale watching can be done here, we didn’t go because we did that on our honeymoon in Maui. With the sulphur springs, many rivers and hiking trails, mountains and lush green lands, they’ve created a niche market in eco and nature tourism.

I will warn you of the potential of motion sickness while traveling around the country. The roads are built along the edges of the mountains, therefore there are a lot of sharp twists an turns and steep edges off of the roads. I couldn’t handle the sharp drops sometimes and I had to keep my eyes away from the window sometimes.

All in all it was a good trip.

Left: An iguana that greeted us on our first day at Breakfast.
Right top: view of Cabrits from the restaurant on the first day
Right bottom: Roseau on our last day.

I’m currently in Barbados enjoying family time until the festivities for the next wedding begin. I have so many pictures that I’m leaving it for another post. Hope you enjoyed this one.


Date Night

As I was flying to Orlando this weekend, I was reading a book on my Kindle Fire (yes I’m advertising) Before you put that on: 365 Daily Style Tips for Her by Llyod Boston and the day’s theme was “Create a sexy ‘date night’ outfit that sparkles for the evening – even of you’ve been married to your date for years.” I found this funny and here is why: I love dressing up but my husband hates it lol! He’ll tell me I look pretty/beautiful or whatever but he doesn’t understand why I’m making so much effort. All I want to do is have him be proud of the lady standing next to him and proud to say: “yeah! That’s my wife!” not look like I rolled out of some dumpster or shipwreck (which I never do but still). I like to keep my style simple and underrated, but my hair must be done and I must feel polished so to speak. For him, it’s more the extra time I take plus he prefers me sans make-up but as I said – polished. I may try out a fashion or two but if it doesn’t blend with what I consider to be “me” I’ll hesitate, ask mum or a friend or two and experiment with it but not let it overshadow who I am. What you see is what you get, and I hope that 4 out of 5 times that you’ve seen me only the length of my hair is the most dramatic transformation.

But isn’t that what men want anyway? A face that isn’t totally transformed when the make-up has been washed off? When the booty pads and enhanced bras come off, we don’t look half the size we portrayed? I like to think I’m keeping it as natural as possible, no matter who I’m meeting. My husband prefers when we’re “equally” dressed – jeans, t-shirt/shirt, slippers/sneakers/shoes but he knows me well enough to know that I will only do that sometimes but other times he has to step up to me :P.

As you’ll see in the pics below, I went for a somewhat vintage look for the wedding. I bought this dress for the wedding from Lulus but was going to wear another one (also from Lulus), even bought shoes for the second one but luckily they went with this one as well and hence my vintage look. I think my style can be classified as simple and sophisticated. I believe in a neutral palette for my face (I’ll add a pop of color in my eyeshadow or on my lips to change it up sometimes) but I think natural beauty should always shine through. Hubby was looking rather sharp at the wedding as well 🙂 cleans up nice when he has to :P. (He’ll probably kill me for saying that lol!)

Anyway, this advice reminded me that regardless, when you look good, you feel good and that translates to your confidence and when you have confidence in yourself, you feel like you can do anything and that is better than shying away from the world or even the people you love. Hence the date night can have a better “happy ending” than you expected 😉 LOL.

“Styles, like everything else, change. Style doesn’t” – Linda Ellerbee