“Nobody’s perfect, trust me I’ve learned it”

The title of this post is from a song called One and Only by Adele really hits the spot EVERY time I listen to it. When I first heard Adele’s album 21, I thought “AMEN!!! WHYYYY don’t they make music like this anymore??!?!”. Besides the fact that you can very much relate to everything she’s saying, her voice just soothes you and you’re filled with emotions as you close your eyes and belt out the lyrics as though you’re Adele herself. I’m sure many other drivers have been thinking “she must really be feeling that song” as I’m driving because I’m sure you can hear me above the music (so loud) it has the car on the verge of vibrating. But make sure you get a copy!

Nobody’s perfect, we all have our faults. What do we do? What do we control and how do we control what we know is wrong but just can’t shake? If there’s one thing I’m learning, especially this year, is to confront these faults and work on them. It’s better to acknowledge and at least try to work on them than to acknowledge and leave them there knowing they’re not making you a better person. I wouldn’t write this post and have it based on someone else. I’m writing this from my own experience. Sometimes, our worst faults can get bite us so hard in the butt, and we don’t even realize what we’re doing or the direction we’re heading until we’re bitten. As I said, it’s been my goal for this year to change myself to be a better person, get rid of any skeletons and brush up on what got rusty. Try to make things right, it could only get  better from there – even if you have to go downhill before you’re back on top again.

Positive thoughts trigger positive reactions.


Here’s the song and then her live performance of it.




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