What Negativity?!

I am not living for anyone but myself and immediate family. With that said, what is negativity? I refuse to acknowledge whatever it is. Amazing that nothing needs to be said to experience it either! It’s like this: you gain weight and it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, whether in person or under your photos. You lose weight and… wait, NO ONE says anything?? They can’t say wow you lost weight, looking good keep it up? Why are you my friend? Why do I still acknowledge you as a friend? I’m not flaunting anything. Only thing I’m flaunting is the fact that I found something that works for me and I’m just putting it out there for you to try in case it may work for you too (as not everything works for others as they do for one person). I know, I know, it’s human nature. So isn’t it sad that with human nature we put down others when they’re low and when they rise we try to find every way to keep them down any other way possible?

I’ve been reading a thread on a Facebook group about why Rihanna didn’t shoot the video in her homeland. I’m not going to even start to repeat anything about the negativity that flowed from that thread. What I loved about the video is that she highlighted something that many young women experience when they go to a party even if it wasn’t on this level. I’m pretty sure that as Caribbean people we have a very sexual way of “getting down” on the dance floor and yet some males can’t understand that what is done on the dance floor doesn’t need to be continued off of the dance floor. I’m sure this same experience has happened to many women and Rihanna’s simply highlighting that it can happen to anyone and she would like young girls to learn from it. Why then must so many people bring down where it was done, highlight the “violence” in it and claim that she is not looking out for her younger audience? I know not everyone is on twitter so I’ll show you what she tweeted: 

I am a proud Barbadian and Rihanna fan. And it hurts sometimes how we are so quick to put down our own without looking at the message they’re trying to send or giving the support that is due. Rihanna has put down any negative comments that come her way from whoever – Barbadians, fans, media – and she continues to strive. To her I  say what negativity? People will always be judgmental (I am as well I won’t pretend I’m not) but come on, give Jack his jacket and when someone does a good job, pat them on the back and say “well done”. After all, you’re only giving me an excuse to continue to strive and watch that green monster grow inside of you.

Enjoy the video and understand the message. 

Peace, love and positive vibes


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