Ramble 2

Can you believe June is already halfway and also the year? Hell, I don’t even know what I’ve been doing but it’s going so fast. Got my hair cut today 🙂 ready for summer! I am finding plenty recipes for that vanilla crumb cake but I want to buy it not bake it! LOL. I’m not a cake baker at heart……… I prefer to buy it. Brownies I’d do in a heartbeat, but not cake.

I take my vitamins every morning and night but when heat hits, it hits hard! I just get sooo tired!! The cold keeps you up and the heat makes you sleepy.. Where’s the happy medium? Today is a nice day though. I was almost burnt by the car seats when I came out from the hairdresser, but I’m not complaining, waited 5 months to have it happen anyway. The nice days are spread out and luckily so far they’ve been on the weekends when Dave is home. 

I’ve been blessed with this awful bloodshot on my toe (from dancing too much in my boots 😦 ) and I’m waiting on it to disappear a little more before I get a pedicure. So I’ve been fashionably wearing this crap (sans nail polish) around with  pride as I know what it is and screw anyone who wants to tell me otherwise soon I’ll have pretty polished toes :D. I mean who really wants to have a bloodshot on their toe when it’s slippers season? Anyway, soon….

I’m going to share a few of my “Summer jams” today hope you like them as well 🙂

Livvi Franc!!


Jennifer Lopez ft Lil Wayne (my sis-in-law introduced me to this one last week :D)

I’ll post more another time, but these here are on repeat 😀

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