‘Ode’ to My Mother

Growing up in the Caribbean, I only drank tea when my stomach was upset, if I had cramps or it was “cold”. Drinking something hot or even eating soup was not one of my favourite things to consume as I hated the feeling of “overheating”. On the contrary, my very british mother would have a cup of tea morning, noon and night – regardless of the weather – and I just could not understand why or even how she got this done. Now that I’m living in a more temperate climate, I have taken on my mother’s habit – drinking tea morning, noon and night.

At first, I was hooked on mochas. Even though caffeine takes a while to kick in for me, I’d wait patiently for it. Then I switched to white chocolate mochas, a little sweeter and less coffee-ish (I’m not a true coffee drinker). I’d normally drink one a day, some days it was two. Then I made a huge switch during my self imposed diet change. I started to drink peppermint tea. I realised maybe all of this milk (I drank low fat milk even though I was lactose intolerant – stubborn me) isn’t too good for me. So I began drinking more peppermint tea. I used to have 2 teaspoons of sugar now I’m down to 3/4 to 1  teaspoon (depending on the size of he mug). I also started drinking Moroccan Mint Green Tea by Stash. I’d alternate drinking these two so that I didn’t get bored of the taste. It also led to me drinking less mochas and spending less money at Starbucks. I’d still drink the mochas but only if I was out and needed to get really warm as tea doesn’t keep you warm as long.

Today I’m totally off of mochas. I had one the other day just to give it a try again but I didn’t care for it as much. My new love is a “short soy chai” latte. Yea I switched to soy milk (not as harsh for me, still a bother sometimes) and way less caffeine, very minimal actually. I’d most likely start my day with one and by the end I’ll have at least two cups of tea (peppermint/mint green tea). This only happens when it’s cold! As it gets warm I’m done with the hot drinks… but this is the Pacific NW, so I’d say I’m done for 1.5 months of the year hahaha!

Well besides the tea drinking, I cook soup more often. My soup consists of potatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow split peas, barley, carrots, chicken (and either beef, lamb or pork) and some “bajan dumplings”. This huge pot normally lasts two days and about 2 servings per day for my husband and I. I was going to do a pot today but then I realised that I needed a few things that I didn’t have so it will be done later this week after I go to the supermarket. I’ll be sure to post a pic of the pot when I do it.

Until then, stay warm and fuzzy :).

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