On Fire! (Ramble)

My husband pre-ordered the Amazon Fire and it was there waiting for us when we got back from Vegas. It is a sweet little device. I’ve officially claimed it as mine hahaha. I’d ordered a case for it on Tuesday (I think) after visiting Best Buy for other stuff and realizing they only had one ugly case for it. I got this Marware Leather Case for it, after all, it has to look somewhat stylish while being protected! I chose green because I always go for pinks and purples when choosing covers or cases, and I wanted something different as I need bright colours to help with locating things when the glasses/contacts are not in use :).

Yesterday I also completed my first book on it: The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia (one of the Project Runway judges). I bought this book because it seemed very fitting for where I am in finding my way with my wardrobe. Not only was it informative but funny and she gave very good advice on creating your own style. I tend to follow a certain path (what I call relaxed-sophisti-chic) but knowing what these pieces are and how critical they can be in building the perfect foundation for any wardrobe made this book the best one I’ve read all year.

You get this mini booster in that you want to get these pieces and know that it is up to you to put them together in your own way and create your own look. Yes, she gives you hints as to what tends to go together but creating your own twist with how you pair these items helps a lot with your own individuality. I will certainly have this book close to the front of my reading list and use it as a constant reference. I think every girl should have it! I bought her other book The Little Black Book of Style right after finishing this one and I think I’ll read it next.

On another note, I started to put up the Christmas decorations and just a few more are left to do. We still have Barbados’ independence to celebrate on the 30th but I decided to put them up while Dave was home to help me.

On another other note 😛 The gym is going really well. We signed up for more sessions with our trainer and I’m definitely seeing a change. My diet is also under a transformation that is killing me but I’m really trying to get myself together. It’s not easy trying to reduce gluten and sugar from your diet but I’m working on it bit by bit. Better to slowly cut it out than to cut it one time and go mad during a craving.

I haven’t shared my music faves for a while so here they are! Rihanna’s Talk That Talk is officially out!! Big-up the 246 on this amazing talent! Forever proud to be Bajan and a Rihanna fan! For now I can tell you a few of my faves: We All Want Love, Cockiness, Watch n’ Learn and Roc Me Out. I’m still listening to get a hang of the album but for now those are my faves. I still have to get Drake’s album, will hopefully sort that before Monday but I want to give it a listen.

Video wise, I can leave you with this one from one of the best, Bruno Mars:

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