Year in Review

Every year in January, most of us have a long list of what we want to achieve that year and by the end of February we don’t even remember the first thing we had on the list. Well this year I resolved to not have a list but simply desired to become a better person. That in itself is more challenging that any diet, exercise plan or trying to change one bad habit. It was a challenge and although this year was not one that I can say was the best, I know that I have somewhat succeeded at my one “resolution”. I’ve been tested by God numerous times and I haven’t exactly passed all of his tests but with each test I learned from the previous one and that was also a great blessing.

I worked on myself. So often we sit and criticize everything we hate about our physical appearance and we don’t make an effort to change anything. There’s a bulge here or there and spanx may work sometimes but yet we don’t do anything. I joined a new gym (closer to home) and got a personal trainer. When my sessions were up with my trainer, I still tried to go but I didn’t make it as often, but I made an effort. After Summer, I started back with my husband and we’ve (well he started backing out recently because of work) kept on with our trainer and I’m very happy with the results. I no longer complain about rising early because I’m seeing results. (I’m actually taking my workout gear home for Christmas). I love my tight clothes, body-conscious dresses and skirts are my fave items to wear, so why not make sure that I look good in them and not like they should be the last thing I decide to wear? I don’t believe in quick fixes like spanx (I was on the verge of getting some though) but I decided I’d rather workout and change my eating habits than to be sucked into that stuff. I didn’t/don’t need them but you know how it is when you want to wear very close fitting clothes.  Make the effort for a lifestyle change rather than a effort for a season/occasion.

We can always see the faults in others but we seldom look at our own and try to work on them. Even though I continue to be hard on myself, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much patience and tolerance towards others in my life. I’ve noticed it because I’ve had to be around people who aren’t exactly “my cup of tea” but I’ve managed to carry myself in a decent manner without showing my true feelings and making others uncomfortable (huge change for me). I’m still working on my facial expressions but that’s something to practice in front of the mirror to help change that. The point is I’m aware of some of my faults that affect the way people feel when in my presence and I’m making an effort to change that. To know the world does not revolve around me and sometimes to make it through certain situations, it’s better to simply smile and be polite than have a frown or attitude and leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. I’m also becoming less introverted throughout this exercise.

I also wanted to get out more and host more. I was able to explore a little more this year, but the hosting part will come next year for sure. We did a lot of travelling this year and my family came as well so I decided to put hosting on the back burner as I didn’t want to be constantly going going going. I’m such a control freak that sometimes I’d turn down help to make sure things come out exactly as I want them instead of having to explain what I want done. So cleaning, cooking and hosting turn out to be a full chore but I just want to make sure I’m in control and at the same time not stressed about how things are going. So I guess next year I need to work on giving up control and not being able to have things go my way.

Next year will also mark many new things for us and even though I’m feeling a little intimidated by the changes to come, I’m also excited. I’m still working on not getting worked up on things I can’t control (another one for the list next year) but I want to be able to enjoy these experiences and know that at that time in my life I made it through – not panicked and forgetting the whole experience but sailing through with the peace of mind that only God can give me. I know I’ve listed two things to work on next year and I’ll leave it there. I may revisit this post to check them but all I desire to do is to continue to work on becoming a better person and  loving myself so that others may love me for me and accept me as I am. Knowing who you are and setting and achieving goals for yourself help you to stay focused on what you want in life. Who you want to look back and say you became and know that it was irrefutable that you had a positive effect on others.

Merry Christmas and prosperous  new year filled with many blessings and opportunities

Love always.


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