Back to Reality

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season… because I did!

Before I jump into this post, I’d like to take the time to say thank you to all of you for your loyalty to my blog as well as your comments. I look forward to another year of sharing and interacting with you!

It’s bittersweet to be back though. It’s one thing to be back from a vacation but another to be back from Christmas vacation – a new year has started. The special family gatherings and parties are over and it’s back to reality – reality with the hope of changes to come. Good changes. I have plans for 2012 but I can only hope that they are also what God has in store for me :). I think that once I acknowledge this from early, I can have a better attitude toward setbacks or failed plans.

I have this idea that I’ll set goals for each month and maybe that may be slightly better than trying to plan what will happen within the next 3 months or so. For example, I plan to have this apartment thoroughly cleaned by the end of January. It needs plenty love as I’d abandoned it prior to our vacation so I will definitely focus on that. Then my birthday is in February and even though it’s a major one I’m leaving the “planning” up to my husband (>_< hahaha).

This year there are many things on our list and some may require more than a month’s worth of planning and worrying but part of my motto for this year is to not stress what I cannot control – and not stressing is part of a lifestyle change – that makes this even more interesting/challenging for the new year but I’m more than looking forward to it.

We can only plan so far and hope for the best. So whatever you have in mind for this year, or even for this week, don’t get too caught up in it that you don’t live in the moment and even forget to give thanks for how far you’ve come. Continue to ask for guidance in where you want to go. We all stumble along the way of our goals and dreams but keeping them in mind and not losing sight is what is important.

Happy New Year again!



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