A New Challenge

I decided to do a little spring cleaning in my closet. I have this container of clothes on the top shelf in my closet that I went through and pulled out everything I know I’m no longer going to wear. After that I went through my skirts and shorts. Next was what was actually hanging up in the closet. I decided to pull out stuff I won’t wear and I realised I had a lot clothes (mainly dresses) I hadn’t worn yet. So I put them on one wall and left everything that I have worn on the other side (my closet isn’t big but it’s shaped weird). When I was finished, something hit me – most of the clothes are for Spring/Summer so why not create a little challenge for myself – I’ll limit myself with my clothing purchases (shoes and accessories are allowed) but I have to wear everything in there at least once.

I’m not even finished with sorting clothes. I still have clothes on the guest bed and in an under-bed bag to go through and other drawers but for the most part I don’t think I will need to purchase anything for my Spring/Summer wardrobe.  This will also give me the chance to be more creative with how I wear my clothes so I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same thing all the time or have the same look.

It’s also nice to do this because I often feel like I don’t have enough space but it’s hard when you have wardrobes for different seasons. Sweaters take up so much space and that means I have to be very selective with what I’m going to store somewhere else especially if I know I may be needing it soon. For example, I couldn’t pack all of my Summer stuff when Fall/Winter rolled around because I was going home (80F-90F weather) so now most of the clothes on the guest bed are from that trip. But I want to go through everything before I decide where they are going. My Spring cleaning is a little early but with this head start it should hopefully get easier as time goes on.

I’ve created a little wishlist of accessories that I’d love to get before the end of the year. I’ve decided not to spear any expense because I want these to be timeless pieces that last and aren’t worn out by the end of one season. I’ve got two other huge items that I’m going to keep secret for now as I don’t want to get too excited about it then I don’t get them lol, but these I know I’m getting for sure!

  1. A travel tote – Michael Kors “Hamilton” Large tote
  2. A regular tote – L.L. Bean Boat and Tote medium bag
  3. Black Ballet flats – Tory Burch “Reva” flat

So here lies my challenge to you as well – (unless it’s really unique) try to skip on the spur of the moment dress and go for accessories, something to go with that piece at home that you bought last year but haven’t worn yet <– that’s my goal. I’m definitely a spur of the moment buyer but I’m going to stop and just try to save up for my more expensive purchases one time. A deal is a deal so I’ll definitely keep looking out for them and so should you ;).



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