Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

This weekend I celebrated my 25th Birthday. The last time I had so much fun, I turned 21. Even though I wasn’t surrounded by lots of family and friends like I was for my 21st, the love I felt from the few was enough to make me feel like there were many and the luckiest girl in the world. We didn’t do Vegas like we did for my husband but I felt like I was in Vegas even though I was home. I started my celebrations Thursday night by going to Reggae Night at this lounge downtown Seattle and there were three of us and we had a BLAST. Friday, (a little out of it from Thursday night) I spent the whole day out, then dinner and club time… which left me nursing a mini hangover on Saturday – my actual birthday. However! I was able to recover, get dressed, and go for round 3 – dinner and club again!!! We had dinner at this restaurant and I couldn’t eat all of my birthday cupcake (that my husband made sure he got for me even if it wasn’t a whole cake) and we got our coats and in leaving I forgot the cake on table. Before we even got back to the car I remembered it and my husband went back for it and they threw it out!!! Even worse is the fact that I had asked for the box back because I couldn’t eat all of the cupcake, so they “should” have known it wasn’t empty. He was more upset than I was about it. I knew he hated that I couldn’t enjoy the one thing that meant the most to him. I told him I’m having such a wonderful time that something like that won’t upset me. I felt too blessed. I’m simply not supporting that restaurant anymore (it was one that people told me was good and it wasn’t to me and I’ve never had a restaurant throw out something so quickly that I’d left behind). I didn’t want it to spoil my night, so I’ve just decided to not have anything to do with them. The little bite is all I was able to enjoy.

New York Cupcakes – My FAVE!

Anyway, I intend to take on this year of 25 with a joyful heart and to learn and grow wiser and humbler and sexier ;). Life can only be what you make of it. I still have more celebrations going on this week and I’m sure that even though I’m far away from my family, God is blessing me with another one that is blessing my spirit every day.

25 is the new 21! #Ballsohard 😉

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