Happy Easter!

Last night I went to see Nick Cannon live at The Parlor. Great show! But I just wanted to share this pic. Proof that I need a new camera! There was a waitress who was taking everyone’s camera and taking the pic of you and Nick together, my old camera (2008 Sony Cybershot) requires you to hold it for a long time and has two flashes. Right after I said “hold it longer” and stepped back to smile *FLASH* and this was the result…

I have learned to check my pics right after to make sure I get a good pic before I move off. The line was so long after I didn’t bother to go back and get another one (I checked it twice).

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Sunday! My husband and I are going to enjoy a little meal and each other’s company and have a relaxing warm day :).


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