As if I hadn’t done enough posts for the last couple of days, I HAD to add this one! Microsoft just announced it’s latest hardware – Surface. I WANT ONE NOW!!!!! I got my MacBook Air last September because my old Dell was coming to her end and being really annoying and I was skeptical about learning new commands etc on Apple, but I am dying to get my hands on a Surface with a pink cover! I do miss Windows. Yes, I use a Mac but I love my Windows software. No I am not advertising because Microsoft pays the bills around here, but I genuinely WANT one of these! Note I said with a pink cover which hubs knows is my colour to get anyway :D.

The Surface is 9.3mm thick, made from magnesium (very light- under 2lbs) has two full USB ports, camera, a built in kickstand and the Touch cover has a keyboard o it at just 3mm thick. It is just all around sexy! It will be available in Windows 8 RT and Pro. I’m not very technical but those are the basics I can give you.

Enjoy the vid and tell me what you think.

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