I’m your IT Support

In relationships, the best approach is to be selfless. I don’t think selfish people last very long in relationships. It’s about support – being a cheerleader through think, thin, good, bad, lows and highs. I take my cheer leading roll very seriously. My husband is the breadwinner and his happiness is key to our happiness. We don’t sugar coat things in our house. I’ve always said I don’t think many women would last in a relationship with my husband because he his brutally honest, and for me it’s a blessing because he keeps me in check.

My husband inspired me to write this post as his cheerleader, support system and most importantly, his wife. I love our dynamic because no matter what we go through we’re always at each other’s side offering that support that is often desired from your partner. Family may or may not always be there, friends come and go, but if you are in a relationship for the long haul you want to know that your partner has your back. You want to know that they aren’t just pumping you with stuff you want to hear but also what you need to hear.

I believe our relationship continues to grow immensely with every year that passes. This will be our 11th year as a couple and it’s has been our best year yet. It could be we both love to be silly, it could be that he loves making me laugh and I love his sense of humor (even though I think he’s a little mental sometimes) it could be that we know we have each other’s back, all I know is we’re only aging like fine wine.

As always there is something deeper behind this post but I can’t share everything as I would like to. My purpose is to simply inspire others. Relationships aren’t a bed of roses. They’re more like a bed of roses with the thorns still attached, and you have someone there when you when step on a thorn, to help you take it out and nurse you back to health – a continuous cycle, alternating between the two of you. They require lots of hard work, the right communication, and again selflessness. I’m very thankful for our relationship because it could not be where it is today without all of the work that was put in to it.

As newlyweds/ young couples, it is important to surround yourself with couples that you can look up to, have the same goals in mind and learn from. Both my husband and myself have parents who are still married and are grounded in faith and can help us to become better partners to each other. It is also such a blessing when people compliment you on your relationship that it inspires you to want to work on it more. I’m also sure people still think we aljust got married less than a year ago when they see us for the first time but that’s a good thing… right?

I’m actually thinking of recording my husband and I in action because I don’t think people understand the amount of stupid things we get up to and how much I laugh on a daily basis (doing my abs some good ;)).

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something from it. As usual I just spilled my thoughts through my fingers in hopes that it helps someone or that they find inspiration.

Have a good weekend!


Just for laughs: David trying to pole vault with a curtain rod after watching the Olympics >_<


P.S. if you like to see more posts like this let me know in the comments below.

P.P.S. if you think I should record us in action, like this post! 🙂


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