Bits & QOtD

I am sick! 😦 I don’t remember the last time I was (thank goodness) and I’m blessed that it doesn’t happen often (yay Vit C!). However I had a few things I wanted to share that I had to post today. First off my friend has just started her own blog on Tumblr and I think you should check it out! You can see what we call a beach – nothing like Alki Beach up here! It’s called A bit here a bit there ← click!

The quote of the day that came in my email today was very inspiring. It said a lot of what I’ve been thinking recently. As you know, I can’t work legally with my current visa but I’ve been thinking seriously about where I want to go with my blogging. It’s the one thing I do that gives me a sense of purpose. And I’ve been thinking about what direction I want to take. When I’m going through things I get very pensive and deep in my writing. But when all seems fine and dandy I pull back and highlight my hobbies: fashion and travel. I’d like to keep this blog going just the way the name says it is – a dash of everything. But I also want to create a balance because some may appreciate my thoughts on life etc more than what I just bought for my face. I guess we’ll see how this goes, hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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