Bainbridge Island

I need to write this post before I forget the little details so much that I’m starting it while under the hair dryer at the hairdresser!

Yesterday my good friend Alicia played host with me and took my parents and myself on the ferry across to Bainbridge Island. It was a lovely day! We had burgers/ sandwiches for lunch at Cafe Nola and then decided to check out the shops along the main street to help walk off the food ;).

Checking out the shops meant that all the ladies left with a pair of shoes that we got with some major discounts because they were on sale (I got 2)!! It was fun to explore the shops in this quaint town with some very unique items. Definitely not the average shopping experience you’d get across the water but also very nice. Every store we went to had pleasant staff and in at least two stores we were all having a laugh with the staff.

My sweet tooth got the best of me after shopping so we went to Blackbird Bakery where I got ONE cookie that I kept kicking myself over for not buying more. You know when you don’t buy a lot of something you’ve never tasted before and don’t want to buy more in case it tastes bad? It was the best triple chocolate cookie that I had EVER tasted. Ever!! White chocolate, milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t get more but it’s enough to get me to go back.

I left home in a rush and had picked up my shades but then left them on the bed. I get headaches if I squint too much so I decided to pick up a cheap fun pair while there. And this is what my mum and I left with…


Sexy huh? πŸ˜€

Here is a view from the ferry just after we left Seattle.


I’ll try to add more posts soon but I hope you liked this one! And if you are in Seattle check out Bainbridge island! It’s only $7 per passenger and you won’t need a car over there but we took a car over and it was $39.40 for the car and 4 passengers. There are plenty activities but we just wanted to check out the town and have lunch.

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Bainbridge Island

  1. I totally enjoyed that post sy ! U made my sweet tooth cravings open up for whatever cookie that was *sigh* and I’m all the way in BIM lol … U and mum look lovely and not a bad pair of shades either. Glad the Bainbridge Island experience was great. Hope I will get to visit and see some of the amazing scenery u get to intake. πŸ™‚

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