Eating Right

For the new year, I’m trying to use more fresh seasonings in my cooking. I mentioned before that I cook Sunday – Thursday, so in an effort to be healthier and fitter this year I am changing what I cook and how I cook it. Less sodium wherever possible and less flavoring from jars – I bought a little device that crushes garlic cloves by rolling it along a hard surface. Last week, I crushed fresh garlic, chopped chives and a red and green sweet pepper. I also bought thyme, basil, marjoram and rosemary. I’ve been using these as the base for omelettes for breakfast and cooking my meat, of which was a lot of chicken and some fish. This has led to some very colorful and fresh tasty dishes. I used to buy my garlic pre-minced but I’m throwing out that jar and only using fresh garlic from now on. It’s amazing how much sodium is products like soy sauce and hoisin sauce – two of my favorites for stir-fry and chow mein. I intend to keep using them but I won’t be doing those dishes as often.

At my heaviest last year I was around 125/126lbs (I have no problem exposing my weight) and I’m now 118/119lbs. I was very proud of myself for not being a pig and getting out of hand with my eating when I went home as I didn’t gain any extra weight there. I bought a Nutribullet when I came back to do smoothies with as an option for breakfast and another way of getting my daily veg/fruit servings. I’ve used it once but I also have been eating hardboiled eggs and egg white omelettes for breakfast. I don’t intend to get above 120lbs any time soon. I know where I’m comfortable and I want to stay there. I worked out once while I was home and I haven’t since I returned but I once I start I intend to keep going. I’m happy that  even though I haven’t been going, I haven’t been eating terribly either.

Kale, cucumber, ginger, spinach, apple and flax seed smoothie

I don’t subscribe to “new year new you” I believe “new year better you” should be your goal. Let’s face it, there won’t be a new you, people prefer to see that you’ve become a better person than totally changed and have them wondering who you are. Work on the small things and work your way up. Hope I’ve provided you with a little inspiration for getting on with your resolutions/goals for the year.


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