Hei fra Norge!

Don’t recognize the language? Well I have a thing for learning different languages and I’ve been doing well in figuring out things most of the afternoon in NORWAY! Yes, the conference is in Norway! My talented husband was asked to speak at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) and I let him know it was not an option to say no. Who knows if we’ll ever make it here on our own?! It was quite a trip from Barbados to here but we made it! It’s very beautiful and green. It’s also 12.51am and I am wide awake after sleeping for a few hours.

We flew to Miami from Barbados  at 7.15am, waited 5hrs in Miami and then flew to London overnight around 6pm (flight was delayed a half hour or so), waited about 3.5hrs in London and then left for the 2hr flight to Norway. Longest bit of travelling and it wasn’t bad as we didn’t encounter any drama whatsoever. I was shocked but also very pleased. Very tired and hungry as I was sick the morning we left. Sick, not hungover, I ate something at the wedding I probably shouldn’t have :(.

Barbados was lovely! I wouldn’t say it was relaxing but there were some lovely relaxing days in there. Definitely check my Instagram for pictures that I post when I have wifi lol. My friend’s wedding that occurred on the last day was what I considered nontraditional but simple, classy and every bit of fabulous! We weren’t very classy when the music came on but we had a blast lol.

The days before the wedding were filled so I was the energizer bunny from Thursday until today. We had her Hen Party (bachelorette party) Thursday night and catamaran cruise Friday afternoon (got a mini tan). Saturday morning we went for manis and pedis and then to lunch at her parents, I had to leave early for dinner with my in-laws. Sunday was the wedding, we were with her from around 12, the wedding was at 5.30pm. We left the wedding after 11pm, I passed out during the finale of Game of Thrones which I have to re-watch, woke up around 1.45am, got to packing and straight into getting ready for the airport as we left around 4.30am to get there for 5am. I had a lovely upset stomach all morning but we made it to Norway in one piece.

As much as I’m missing Bellevue, I’m happy for this experience. Two weddings and a conference is a lot for a “vacation” but it’s been quite an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I’ll have another post up when I get home with pics but if you’ve been following my journey, I just wanted to let you know where it ends (location) and a little update on Barbados.

Lots of love.


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