I’ll Show YOU!

I'll Show YOU

My husband posted that last night. I honestly don’t remember what prompted it but he decided that he had to prove to us (his sister and I) that he can cook. Oh I remember, I showed him this kitchen towel with some others yesterday:  

I'll Show YOU!

Throughout the day I kept checking my phone to see if he’d send me a text saying he’s going to pass on the cooking. I was waiting for him to say to me that he’d pay me to do it and say that he did it (this did come up at one point but he said he’d cook lol).

After the gym he said we have to go to the supermarket. He had shepherd’s pie on his mind but then he remembered another simple dish my mother used to do – mac n cheese but with Campbell’s Cream of Chicken and minced chicken mixed in and he wasn’t baking it and making it a casserole.

I'll Show YOU!

We had vegetables home so we didn’t need to get any if you’re wondering where they are. Throughout the evening we were taking pics and updating the post which, at last count, had 31 comments. 

It’s like this – my husband doesn’t do any of the domestic stuff around the house, except take out the garbage. I have hinted that a cup of tea or breakfast would be nice sometimes but I’ve kind of spoiled him with just doing everything myself. It’s also our arrangement since I do not work and I’m the more domesticated one anyway. Also I’m scared of what he may whip up thinking he’s a chef – ketchup in my eggs… no thank you!

Anyhow, we came home and he said the kitchen wasn’t ready for him to start cooking. It should’ve been spotless……… Luckily he was joking because if he was serious he would’ve gotten a good chunk of my mind. I washed up a handful of things, wiped up the stove and cleared part of the counter for him to get to work. 

I'll Show YOU!

I was a bit worried with how he was dicing the onions but I only asked if he wanted to use the chopper and he declined so I went back to tidying up the sink and all. 

I'll Show YOU!
He wanted to feel like a chef so he put on my apron.

He asked me to taste the chicken and after I did, I kindly placed a few seasonings next to the counter and left. 🙂 We kept updating everyone on the post and added some pictures. 

Pasta is done!
Pasta is done!

I gave very little input. I put my diet aside in order to not discourage him. This was his night and was going to be supportive.

Finished product
Finished product

I was quite surprised at how it came out. It was good! I would’ve had more but I couldn’t go crazy with the cheese.  I have to go and clean the kitchen now. That was not part of the deal and I know he wasn’t thinking of doing it anyway. He says he’ll clean the stove but I’ll probably get to it before he does. Many of his friends and family had very little faith in him but to me he’s the little engine that could so I just kept quiet and answered most of the questions that came my way without any worthy input. 

Don’t think this’ll happen anytime soon again (probably another 5 years) unless someone puts the challenge to him. But I’m not forcing anything on him, he has to do it in his own time. I just had to share this fun night with you. Hope you had a chuckle or two from it.


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