Thinking of Spring

I know I’ve been absent for a while but it was all for a good reason. I won’t even give small talk I’ll just jump into it.

Over the last few years, what has proven to be a “mistake” for many, “surprise” for others or just a quick blessing has turned out to be something that brought a few years of worry and lots of concern for my husband and I. But after taking some major steps, testing my faith in God and people, I’m happy to say we’re expecting a little one in March.

Over the last couple of months, once travel was over, we had to move apartments and then a slew of house guests for over 6 weeks back to back (in-laws, friends and finally my parents) all while I had to deal with a few complications from my treatment plus my share of nausea, hence why I’ve been so absent. I hope to get back into writing soon again. I have been documenting our journey and I plan to publish a book detailing this roller-coaster ride, so don’t expect many details from me on it.

To finish off this brief post, I’d just like to offer some advice. Whenever you come across a couple that you are aware wants kids and you realize they aren’t having them as soon as you expected, it’s best to be silent on the topic. You do not know what they’re going through and you do not know how tough it may be for them at the moment. Leave out the baby talk. Infertility is one of the hardest things for people to discuss and you may not be one of those close friends that they feel comfortable disclosing this touchy information to. And even if you are, it’s something that they need to do on their own time not yours. There were so many moments that I wanted to scream at people for asking but I kept it together as best as possible, and not everyone is able to do that. Also, never give up. With each defeat, I had a cry (never bottle up those emotions), brushed off my shoulders and asked what’s next.

I just have to say that I wouldn’t have gotten through any of this without my amazing husband. He’s been at every appointment, with the exception of one, and holding my hand at every step of the way, being the pillar I so desperately needed. Our bond is stronger than it ever was. I can see how this can tear couples apart but thankfully we only grew closer together.

I’m not sure that I’ll turn this into a mommy blog, maybe if I want to vent, but I’ll try to keep up my travel stories (a baby isn’t stopping us!) and recipes.

Until next time!

Updates- swell

It’s also our 5th wedding anniversary today and we definitely have a tighter bond than we did 5 years ago :).


3 thoughts on “Thinking of Spring

  1. Hey Simone that was beautiful. Both of you stay strong and continue to acknowledge God as Proverbs 3:6 says and “he will direct your paths.

  2. oh dear, God bless all u do. All the best for truth S n D, love and well wishes, greatness has been and will be for u two.

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