5 Things…

It’s time for another blog for you to get to know me! *YaY* 🙂 This time it’s 5 things I could not live without daily from the same blog that I got the Blog Hop from.

1 Lip balm

The amount of lip balms I own makes me wonder if I have a problem. I’m always trying new ones even when I think I’ve found the one. But when all else fails, I have my Vaseline to back me up! It has never failed me.

This is what I could put my hands on but I know for a fact that I have more around the apt… Obviously lip conditioners/gloss are not included (for a good reason)

2 Water

Let’s just say, I HAVE to have a glass of water every day. I don’t know how people drink other drinks all day and do not have water. I don’t think there is anything more refreshing than a glass of cold water! We have a water cooler in our home…

I use these bottles as exercise. Most of the time, I lift them into the apartment myself 😀

3 Sugar

When I do not have something sweet and sugary, it’s a wrap. A sugar fix is equal to my glass of water. And I’m too embarrassed to post any pictures related to this. Sometimes I have sweets there that I don’t want in order to stop myself from having it when I know I shouldn’t be (even if I get something else at least it wouldn’t be double the sugar). No questions please. I settle with saying I have issues lol.

4 Shower

Even when I’m sick, I must have a shower. A shower always makes me feel better. At least once a day. I like to feel clean at some point within a 24 hour time frame!

5 Sleep!

On our recent trip to San Francisco, sleep was something I didn’t have. When I don’t have a minimum of 8 hours (yes EIGHT) I am the crankiest person ever. 7 hours is not enough either. 9 is best, but 8 is enough. I also think a lack of sleep contributed to my cold which I’m still trying to get over.

There you have it! I’ll look for more of these to do or you can suggest some if you want. Thanks for reading!




Team #NoWeave

As you know I’m in the process of growing out my hair. With every visit to the hairdresser, I’m confronted with whether or not I should do a random chop but at the same time I get excited about seeing the length. I promised my nephew I’d grow it so I’m doing just that. I still want to chop it off though… Anyway my weekly routine goes like this:

  • wash
  • blow-dry
  • flat iron
  • flat iron once/twice during the week until the next wash (depending on if it was a curly or flat style).

I’m fortunate to have very thick hair that holds a style, and even if it did drop a little, it still looks like there is some sort of styling going on. As part of team #noweave I try to post pictures on my Instagram (Symonef) when I do my hair. Dark and Lovely even liked my pic so there was more inspiration for me! The first pic is what I did to rectify some curls gone wrong. I twisted and pinned a few sections to the top of my head overnight and the next day it looked pretty crazy, so I just tucked and pinned until it looked like I made an effort.

This one was when I went to San Francisco for a few days. I washed my hair the day I was leaving and gave it a little wave that I wouldn’t have to do anything with it for the rest of the trip. And I didn’t! As the curl dropped and stayed in some places, I just pinned the front back and kept it cute. It was also prior to the fresh highlights I got that you can see in the pic above.

Growing out your hair doesn’t have to be a painful process. I find it interesting because I’m forced to see what styles suit my face and style accordingly as well as play with highlights and layers. I don’t know where I’d be without my highlights and layers! I’ll post another pic after my next wash when I just do it “flat”. Patience is key when dealing with hair but there is nothing more rewarding than receiving compliments for you hair and what you did on your own to your hair with regards to styling it. If our hair is our main point of beauty, then wouldn’t you wish for it to be yours as much as possible?

I’m off to order a stick vacuum and run some errands. Have a wonderful afternoon until next time.


Monthly Sample Boxes

After feeling so good about my Birchbox, loving what I’ve gotten with my Beautybox5 and craving another reasonably priced monthly sample box, I decided to see what else was out there. I’d heard of a few: Testube, Glossybox and Luxe Box by Loose Button in Canada, but I wanted to know more. How many are there? How far does this monthly sampling box idea go? I’d also seen Petitebox which I really wanted to get for a friend but they had suspended subscriptions for a bit. Then today I heard of Wittlebee box.

So I hopped on to Bing 😉 to see what else is out there. I found a link to Beautylish which I recently joined and love their articles. What I was about to read I was not prepared for. One blogger Yasmin K (her Beautylish a/c here) created a list in a response to someone asking about monthly boxes as well. See the response below:

I hope you appreciate the effort that went into screen printing this as I got very frustrated when I realised I couldn’t scroll and select >_< Thanks Apple.

Today I joined the waiting list for Myglam and  I was about to try Beauty Army but I don’t like having to choose what I get (even though that’s a good thing) I was hoping to be surprised. I tried Julep before and I thought it was too much money for what I got so I cancelled. I love getting these products even though I’m going to have to look for somewhere to store the ones I haven’t tried as yet but don’t want to throw out either.

I’m also on Shoedazzle, JustFab, Shoemint and Jewelmint. So far I’ve only made purchases on the first two but I’m very close to a purchase on Shoemint. As you can probably guess, Jewelmint and Shoemint are the same so you don’t need to sign up twice just use the account information for whichever one you create first.

Did you see any you want to try?

I think these are amazing. Funny enough my husband just asked if they had any for food and Yasmin pointed out that there are! I’ll see if he wants to try it. He won’t do Birchbox for men because he’s not one for trying different routines or is fussy anyway. All he wants is Old Spice and his cologne. *Sigh*. I hope you found this as helpful as I did and let me know if there are more to be added to the list!