Drawing Inspiration

I’ve been really drowning myself into my other blog. It’s based on something that I think about daily and I’m so happy to share with others my “obsessions”. Part of my inspiration for that blog comes from magazines. I love flipping the pages, smelling the perfume, cutting out pictures – some things technology could never replace. Yes, I may be able to have a virtual pin board like Pinterest or Polyvore, but they don’t offer me perfume samples or little cards that I can keep at bay with 5 colors that go well with gray.

With this blog, I like to share life experiences and that comes with everyday things. My struggle to keep fit, eat healthy, share recipes, rant and offer inspiration where I can.

Blogging is very personal. If you don’t have many followers, you are opening up yourself to a few that you may not even know. A few who may know more about you than your family. But it is also something that you want to be of substance, not always a ramble that fails to draw in readers and keep them interested and return to your blog or even subscribe. I wish I had more subscribers but I have this reservation about really putting my blog out there – basically pushing it down people’s throats. I like that people read one post and find me interesting enough to subscribe and see what I have to offer in the future.

patienceI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,  I don’t feel like I should post just because. If I take a while to post in between, trust me I’ve started and deleted posts and just left it until I felt like I had something worth sharing. To push posts constantly that lack substance will only get people uninterested.

use your mindI sometimes find it amazing that I can sit and watch the world go by but I could never retain information long enough to put it in a post. My mind is like 10 trains going through a squiggly maze and I have to try to pick one train and focus on where I want to go with it. With that being said, I love notebooks. Writing my thoughts or a quick blog post on my phone is sometimes very important because I become so overwhelmed by my thoughts and you can also see y passion/excitement when I do a quick post. It’s like I’m screaming “I HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!”. And I’m kind of feeling like I have to share with you now.

Hopefully I can keep on this role of being inspired and maybe keep you inspired as well.




I made the promise to myself to be more dedicated to my blogs this year. Get a camera, be more open, write at least one post a week, you get the idea. It’s what I like to do so I should become more committed to it. This morning I got all the inspiration I needed after watching this talk. I will try my best but I also write a lot based on what I’m feeling so we’ll see how this goes.

Blog Lovin’

I started blogging because I love to write and share my thoughts, joys, loves, experiences and challenges whether or not someone wants to hear it 🙂. What I wasn’t so aware of at first was blog etiquette. If someone comments on one of your posts, you should be courteous and check out there blog and comment or like anything they’ve posted that appeals to you. In doing this, you are able to see other blogs that you’d love to follow, build friendships, get amazing ideas and assist them in knowing what really appeals to their readers.

I have to say I’m getting better at all of the above considering I wasn’t so aware of it before. I realized I gravitated more towards beauty, fashion and crafts and maybe a few “life” blogs. What I appreciate more than anything is the spark I get within when I read/see something that really want to try. For example when I read this post from injenslife, I thought that looks simple and easy and I have loads of material but no sewing machine. I happened to be on Skype the next day with my mum and grandmother (who is a seamstress) and I told her I wanted to make a skirt but I have no sewing machine. She said, “that is very easy! Use the outline of a skirt you like and you don’t need a sewing machine just make sure you have the right thread and stitch it properly”. Half of what Jen said in the video but also a little encouragement and I know she’ll be there if I have any other questions.

Even though it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog out there now, the good thing is that you can almost always find what you are looking for in layman terms and with basic tools. Luckily, Pinterest has brought it all together. So whenever you read a blog and it has sparked something within you, like, comment or share it. It goes a long way for the writer (and it’s free advertising for you if you write as well ;)).

We’re supposed to hit 80 this weekend so I doubt I’ll be home behind this screen to wish you Happy Mother’s day. So…

Happy Mother’s Day ❤

Have a wonderful weekend!