Drawing Inspiration

I’ve been really drowning myself into my other blog. It’s based on something that I think about daily and I’m so happy to share with others my “obsessions”. Part of my inspiration for that blog comes from magazines. I love flipping the pages, smelling the perfume, cutting out pictures – some things technology could never replace. Yes, I may be able to have a virtual pin board like Pinterest or Polyvore, but they don’t offer me perfume samples or little cards that I can keep at bay with 5 colors that go well with gray.

With this blog, I like to share life experiences and that comes with everyday things. My struggle to keep fit, eat healthy, share recipes, rant and offer inspiration where I can.

Blogging is very personal. If you don’t have many followers, you are opening up yourself to a few that you may not even know. A few who may know more about you than your family. But it is also something that you want to be of substance, not always a ramble that fails to draw in readers and keep them interested and return to your blog or even subscribe. I wish I had more subscribers but I have this reservation about really putting my blog out there – basically pushing it down people’s throats. I like that people read one post and find me interesting enough to subscribe and see what I have to offer in the future.

patienceI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,  I don’t feel like I should post just because. If I take a while to post in between, trust me I’ve started and deleted posts and just left it until I felt like I had something worth sharing. To push posts constantly that lack substance will only get people uninterested.

use your mindI sometimes find it amazing that I can sit and watch the world go by but I could never retain information long enough to put it in a post. My mind is like 10 trains going through a squiggly maze and I have to try to pick one train and focus on where I want to go with it. With that being said, I love notebooks. Writing my thoughts or a quick blog post on my phone is sometimes very important because I become so overwhelmed by my thoughts and you can also see y passion/excitement when I do a quick post. It’s like I’m screaming “I HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!”. And I’m kind of feeling like I have to share with you now.

Hopefully I can keep on this role of being inspired and maybe keep you inspired as well.



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