My own worst enemy

At the beginning of the year, we set a goal – at least one vacation for ourselves. No one that we know is allowed to be there and we will explore somewhere new together. For the last two years, we set this goal but it hasn’t happened. Mainly due to the fact that we are in that season of our lives where friends are getting married and most all of them are out of state/country. We have two weddings coming up in the Caribbean and that means I would like to go out and get as much sun as I could which equals bikini wearing.

My mid-section has always been my trouble area. It also doesn’t help that I have a short torso. So I have about 6 weeks or so before these trips begin so I’ve taken it upon myself to start Pilates. The real reason behind Pilates is that I have very tight muscles and after trying one private session, I realised it would be more beneficial to me than Yoga. I am now registered for unlimited monthly mat classes and I intend to do this with my personal training to get as close to my “dream body” as possible while getting a stretch that I hate doing on my own.

I really like it. Or I really like how the people at Nancy Wallace Pilates have made me feel while doing it lol. I think their attitude has made me definitely want to return and inspired me to keep it up. They’ve been great in pushing me past my limits without making me feel like I’m really out of shape. I want to walk taller and sit better and “scoop my tummy in a little more”. I will be going the day after my personal training to help stretch out any soreness that may be brewing.

Coupled with a few dietary changes (no alcohol, no fried foods and a reduction in “white foods”) I’m hoping to be more than bikini ready when I leave for vacation. I’ll be sure to pack as many body-conscious skirts and dresses as I can without any help(spanx) lol.

I’m my own worse enemy.

Only I can criticize myself more than you can.

It’s up to me to do something about the way I look and feel as no one else can do it for me.

So enough complaining. I’m putting my foot down.

While working on my sweet tooth.

I can do this. I’ll get my fat ass to work. I’m bringing my sexy back ;).

I’ll try to do the cupcake shop once a week… Twice max!

Shit… those meringues look good.

This will be hard. But I will do it. I have to.



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