Ugh! Yum?!

I’ve been trying to get more veg and fruit in my diet by way of smoothies. I wanted to change things up this morning so I decide to change what I put in my smoothie. My usual smoothie consists of peaches, strawberries, banana, spinach and a little watered down apple juice. Recently I’ve been adding kale to that but this morning I took it to a “whole ‘notha level”.

I wondered what apple, kale and ginger would be like. (I didn’t water down the apple juice this time though.) I don’t have a juicer (I use a Nutriblend), so I was aware the consistency would be a little weird. However, it was the green color that freaked me out! I didn’t even taste it… I went straight to the freezer, pulled out my frozen strawberries and added a banana and back on the blender it went!


Verdict? The ginger is a little strong (maybe too much?!) but after the first few sips being all weird I kept drinking and no longer wanted to gag a little. I don’t know if it’ll be a regular but I’m glad I took the step to try something different. Now I know I can change up my regular smoothie by adding and subtracting an ingredient each time.

While I was doing this, I filled a cup (probably the size of a venti drink at Starbucks) with water and added 3 slices of lemon for me to drink today and keep adding water as it goes down.

I’m trying… I need to detox all the sugar I’ve been uncontrollably consuming recently. I can’t even mess around. Bikini body is needed very soon so it’s time to buckle down! Pilates is today so I will give it my all.

Have a good weekend loves!


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