Let the Celebrations begin!

We’re finally in the best month of the year!

I told myself I had to write a post at the beginning of the month and I’m sticking to it. January is gone, and even though I haven’t had the best diet, and moving towards a healthier one, I’m happy. Hopefully I won’t get so happy it starts to show in chubbiness LOL. I’m happy because, I wanted this year to be about more growth and it’s happening. I’ve got major stuff going on and it’s keeping me busy – a good kind of busy. I’m learning new things, being more observant and also not being stuck in the house with winter blues. Even though I’m unable to work legally, my husband is happy that I’m not and quite frankly, being a housewife is a full time job when you have to be on top of everything. Once I was comfortable up here, my husband passed off all of the household duties to me. I make sure the grocery shopping is done, handle most of the utilities, clean and play chauffeur as we really value our bonding time when I take him to work. Some days I’m so on top of everything that I just relax and I enjoy the calm before the storm. Everyone needs them. But those days seem to also be in the past for me as this year we have a lot to accomplish and I will be the person in charge of all projects and meetings etc.

My shoe addiction has also been pretty crazy recently… four pairs in about 2-3 weeks is a lot for me but one should never pass up a good sale! I know this month may be a little crazy for me shopping wise because the good ol stores in the great U.S of A. have this thing about sending you special offers for your birthday that I kind of feel obliged to take part in. I mean, who doesn’t like a treat for their birthday? This year I’m hitting that  quarter century mark and even though it plays on my mind mentally I’m glad I’m still healthy for my age and even look younger (I just pray that at 30 I look like 25 LOL). Like most people, when I thought of hitting this mark, I had many ideas in mind for what I would’ve wanted to accomplish but I can say that I’ve tossed that out the door and I’m just happy to be blessed with the life I have. It’s obvious that life doesn’t go as we expect it to go and we should often revisit what our goals are for our next year of life should be. Don’t get me wrong, still plan your 5 or 10 year goals but when the time comes and you go over what you’ve actually accomplished, it’s also time to see how you’ve grown as a person and how that has affected the way you view your life.

When I was 16 I got my navel pierced and I said to myself: “when I get 25 I’ll take it out. By then I should have one or two kids and a mommy shouldn’t have a navel ring… and even if I don’t have kids, 25 is still old so it has to come out!”. Well look at life… I’m now turning 25 and I’m like “hell no this shit ain’t coming out now! I look better than I did at 16!!!” Hahahahah! I will take it out whenever that kid comes though. I know they say age is just a number, but I intend to age gracefully and that means knowing my limits. Even if I manage to have two kids and a  2-pack (again, I don’t believe women should have hard 6-packs) I will not be wearing a navel ring – I’ve moved on to another phase in life and I know what I want from it. I’m sure with most females, when your birthday rolls around you start to try to see what has changed physically in the last year to usher in this new year of more sagging. I’m in the gym (for now) and I somewhat welcome that sagging because something else should be lifting even if I can’t see it.

As for the birthday celebrations, I don’t have any plans for the day itself but I know I’m going to make the most out of this month. I’ll be kicking it off by hanging with some awesome people at my favorite bar on Sunday for the Super Bowl, and even though I don’t know who I’m supposed to be backing or even give a crap about it, I will enjoy the atmosphere and know that I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who make my life happier :). I’d also like to get a massage and a facial to feel rejuvenated and tell me 16 year old self “Suck it!” 😀 – and I’ll put on a dress and make-up and have my hair done and feel like “a million dollaz” and party hard after a nice dinner if my old self isn’t too tired LOL.

Lately I’ve been having a few fashion obsessions and I’m hoping that my birthday treats will somehow support them – stripes and coloured pants – and my yearning for Spring is the driving force behind it all as I can’t dress as I’d like to in this somewhat cold weather. It’s hard being a Caribbean girl in the Pacific NW, I’m thankful for the mild winters but cold is cold when you come from a tropical climate. Anyway, enough on the complaints. I think I’ll be posting a bit this month and I hope you continue to enjoy reading :).


Let’s Take It Up a Notch!

I think it can be said that most of our “ingenious” ideas pop into our heads when we’re doing one of three things:

  • travelling from point A to B
  • using the bathroom
  • taking a shower

Well in taking my shower just now, after having a Facebook message conversation with a friend, something popped into my head. She asked if I was working (the infamous question for me). I get this a lot and when I explain that I cannot work due to the type of visa I have, I somehow proceed naturally to explain the “work” I do. I run a house. No kids or not pets as yet, but I run a house. Better yet, a home. This post isn’t going to go into detail about that but something more interesting (to me at least).

Often a housewife has two extreme identities associated with her. One is loyal, hardworking, modest, moves swiftly when beckoned and is often not in the limelight but the support behind the spouse that is. Then we have the “gold-digger”housewife who does nothing, is a sexaholic/no sex and spends his money like crazy while always looking good. But why don’t we ever hear or see those who are the perfect blend of those two? Do they exist? I think so because I think I’m one. I won’t say what the perfect mix is, I think it’s pretty obvious, but I want to address the marriage aspect.

I want to address how the spouse views it. More importantly, how we let our spouse view us. I’m sorry but the career woman thing is crap to me as no career could stop me from having a family. It’s called retirement for a reason, you sit back and let your kids look after you and your pension, not spend you pension on your 16 year old. Anyway, back to my point. I can’t say all housewives go into the marriage knowing they will be one, but it’s what happens when they are one.

First let me address the marriage. I don’t have statistics about how many young women are getting married but I will speak about myself. When I got married at 22, I thought “school is over, time for the big girl act: make-up, heels and classy but sexy wardrobe”. Well, my flat feet allow me to barely make heels comfortable for 10 minutes if that long. I HATE foundation and powder, eyeshadow comes out for special occasions, and lipstick makes an appearance when I want to feel “woman-ish”. So there goes that whole thought; but there’s more to me than my physical appearance. Confidence can be worn with lip balm, jeans, a vest and some chucks and look better than a pencil skirt suit with a full face of make up, Jimmy Choos and an up-do.

As a 21st Century housewife, I don’t let myself go, I exercise and make and effort when I leave home to not look homeless. I keep the house clean, it is my workspace. I make sure my husband is happy, he’s giving me a salary – not allowance; so can I be like his dirty little secretary? I’m as confident as the female CEO of a Fortune 500 company because I run this home, it’s my Fortune 500 company and it won’t run to the ground.  I remember that at the end of the day, it’s us, we’ve become our own family, a new branch of our own family trees.

So from this my husband knows I won’t sit around all day doing nothing, therefore, he can’t call me lazy. He can’t say he’s not attracted to me because even if I did gain 15lbs from being a newlywed, I lost it and look better than before we were married. He can’t say he doesn’t want to take me anywhere for fear of embarrassment, because he knows I’m educated and confident.

It’s not about losing yourself in the marriage or family but remembering what got you there and keeping goals for yourself to make sure you only improve each year and not digress.