Think: Positive (QOtD)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this month but I’m in the middle of a move so hopefully I’ll be back to normal next month. I just wanted to share a few thoughts as well as this quote of the day.

I went to yoga last Saturday and that time to clear my mind and body was exactly what I needed. Throw in this quote and I’ve got enough inspiration to get through this weekend. However, my body is screaming for a massage. SCREAMING. I made my appointment for Monday (after we move) but it’s like torture. It needs it now!

I know my body. I know when something isn’t right. Unfortunately I don’t always want to correct the wrong. Terrible headaches from too much sugar consumed yet I rather take an Aleve than put down the snack. The tension needs to be stretched out, but it hurts to stretch so I’ll pass. Why do I torture myself? Human will is a bitch. No nice way to put it. I want to right the wrong but the will is so low I don’t know what inspiration will get it going. I need to think happy thoughts. Need to be in a good place mentally to know that I can get through this. I get frustrated looking around but at the same time I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish. I know that once I keep it together, be organized and just enjoy the experience everything will flow and I will be happy. Mentally that is doable but it’s to put it into practice. I will try my best to put it into practice.

I wanted to write more but as it is, I’m rushing this post because I simple can’t focus with all that I have in mind to do.

Real Simple

Thank you for reading!



Tomorrow will end my first week back at the gym. I’m planning to go to a yoga class tomorrow as I didn’t go today, but I’m pleased to say I’ve been 3 times for the week so far. After Monday’s session with the personal trainer, I thought it would be rather hard to continue; but I was determined not to give up. The stairs outside of my apartment have been the devil to me, but I found running up is easier than taking my time going up. I’m proud of myself for continuing, and that alone is enough motivation to keep at it. I went to a Yoga Core Training class yesterday (just to see if it was for me, and it wasn’t) and my upper body is now feeling the pain. I think I need to go to Yoga Basics for a while to build up my upper body strength again. All in all, it’s been a week full of pain but I kept at it. Normally after that first day I’d take the rest of the week off but plenty of water and other bits of exercising later, I feel better and I know that this is the only way to achieve my goals. After all Spring is around the corner, and I have plenty shorts, dresses and sleeveless tops to wear and I want to show my toned body. What more inspiration do I need?!?

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting a review every week of my gym progress but more so what it’s doing for me. I’m not as big as the people on Biggest Loser, nor do I need to lose that much weight (if any at all), but it’s a common process – there’s no gain without pain. My diet has fallen a bit but I plan to work on that next week or as soon as I get to the supermarket. I’ve got diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension and high cholesterol in my family and I love sweets and salt. I’ve learned moderation is key, but at the end of the day exercise and a balanced diet help us to continue to enjoy the things we love without having to totally cut them from our diet.

It’s the LOVE weekend, so:

Love like it’s the end of the world,

Open yourself to the one you love,

Value the love of your significant other,

Express your unconditional love.

It’s also baby making time so just make sure you do want the kid before you get to lovin’. Every life is precious even after the 1st day of conception.



Recently I’ve been placed with a few personal challenges and I feel obliged to share something on it.

For the religious people, “let go and let God”. For the non-religious “take a step back and take a breath, then go again”.

Sometimes we have goals in mind and the road is filled with many minor obstacles but we must not lose sight of what we want. Often when it seems like we are doing everything we possibly can to head in the right direction it seems like no progress is being made. It seems like a never ending cycle that just isn’t working out the way we want.

I was starting to feel discouraged, but I did not want to give up. I’m still working on what I want and I have no doubt it will happen for me, but I’ve decided a distraction is what I really need. Sometimes we say we’ve let go or we’re not studying it anymore but subconsciously it’s like a broken record skipping in our head.

One of my goals for this year was to step out of my box and do more. So I will attempt some volunteering and making the gym/exercise a regular practice and not occasionally. From this I hope to achieve some form of release. To not be able to hear the record skipping but to hear the song finish and move onto another one. And with each song that plays, there’s a skip in my step to the beat and a joy in my heart knowing that things will work out sooner or later and not in my timing but His.

Even better is knowing I have a supportive husband by my side. And even though we sometimes feel like no one will understand or we don’t have any one for support, just remember at the end of the day, in order to succeed and to achieve what you want, YOU have to work for it, work at it and BELIEVE in yourself. No one else can do it for you. Don’t let those who try to push you down or keep you down determine whether or not you stay there. Use them as steps to climb the ladder of success and proceed to eat from the tree of life and smile and say I did it. You determine where you go in life. Partners are there for support but the final decision is yours.

Be wise, and know everything is possible once you have faith.