Think: Positive (QOtD)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this month but I’m in the middle of a move so hopefully I’ll be back to normal next month. I just wanted to share a few thoughts as well as this quote of the day.

I went to yoga last Saturday and that time to clear my mind and body was exactly what I needed. Throw in this quote and I’ve got enough inspiration to get through this weekend. However, my body is screaming for a massage. SCREAMING. I made my appointment for Monday (after we move) but it’s like torture. It needs it now!

I know my body. I know when something isn’t right. Unfortunately I don’t always want to correct the wrong. Terrible headaches from too much sugar consumed yet I rather take an Aleve than put down the snack. The tension needs to be stretched out, but it hurts to stretch so I’ll pass. Why do I torture myself? Human will is a bitch. No nice way to put it. I want to right the wrong but the will is so low I don’t know what inspiration will get it going. I need to think happy thoughts. Need to be in a good place mentally to know that I can get through this. I get frustrated looking around but at the same time I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish. I know that once I keep it together, be organized and just enjoy the experience everything will flow and I will be happy. Mentally that is doable but it’s to put it into practice. I will try my best to put it into practice.

I wanted to write more but as it is, I’m rushing this post because I simple can’t focus with all that I have in mind to do.

Real Simple

Thank you for reading!


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