It seems like this week is going to be THE week to enjoy before Summer comes to an official close. I woke up and saw this picture from King5 News on my Facebook timeline:


Thank you Jesus!

As much as I’m looking forward to my uniform of leggings and boots and maybe jackets and pullovers, there’s nothing better than seeing one last week to rock out in short shorts (minus tights), to get in one last tan and drive around with the windows down to cool off from the heat. I hardly used my a/c in the car this Summer. I think I use it enough when it’s cold so unless I’m baking I won’t turn it on. And even then, once I cool off, it’s back to windows down.

I’m happy with the Summer we had here (weather wise) despite being sick for most of it but I still had a good one. The nights have begun to get shorter already but a nice evening stroll in the crisp air will be done almost every day this week. I’ll put my t.v. shows aside to take in the last bits of Summer. In terms of fashion, you can read about what I’m looking forward to here. I would like to experiment more with Fall recipes and I’ll share those as well.

I *really* hope that the temps just drop a bit and it remains sunny for some time. If it’s a sudden change to the gloomy, misty rain then I can see I won’t be moving from my couch very often during the day. That’s life in the Pacific North West… But school is back out. Fall clothing is everywhere. Pumpkin and figs and Halloween decorations and candies are on the shelves. I’m slowly beginning to like this time of the year but it can’t beat Spring and Summer just yet.

I’m just being thankful for what a wonderful year this has been so far. We’ve been to Florida, San Francisco, seen Rihanna in Concert, Dominica, home (Barbados), Norway, my sister visited, my husband’s family and college friends visited, went to two weddings and who knows what else is in store for the rest of the year?! My other blog is doing well and I’ve got an opportunity coming up with that that I’m very excited about. I got my camera to take more and better quality pics (and maybe videos) and I’ve been feeling more self-confident. I don’t know if thinking of Fall and Thanksgiving has me in this pensive mood but either way I’m grateful.

I’m *really* going to try to post more on this blog. I’ve fallen back on both blogs being so busy but I will definitely try to pick back up.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts.


Think: Positive (QOtD)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this month but I’m in the middle of a move so hopefully I’ll be back to normal next month. I just wanted to share a few thoughts as well as this quote of the day.

I went to yoga last Saturday and that time to clear my mind and body was exactly what I needed. Throw in this quote and I’ve got enough inspiration to get through this weekend. However, my body is screaming for a massage. SCREAMING. I made my appointment for Monday (after we move) but it’s like torture. It needs it now!

I know my body. I know when something isn’t right. Unfortunately I don’t always want to correct the wrong. Terrible headaches from too much sugar consumed yet I rather take an Aleve than put down the snack. The tension needs to be stretched out, but it hurts to stretch so I’ll pass. Why do I torture myself? Human will is a bitch. No nice way to put it. I want to right the wrong but the will is so low I don’t know what inspiration will get it going. I need to think happy thoughts. Need to be in a good place mentally to know that I can get through this. I get frustrated looking around but at the same time I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish. I know that once I keep it together, be organized and just enjoy the experience everything will flow and I will be happy. Mentally that is doable but it’s to put it into practice. I will try my best to put it into practice.

I wanted to write more but as it is, I’m rushing this post because I simple can’t focus with all that I have in mind to do.

Real Simple

Thank you for reading!